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Top Fire Hazards in Homes

In 2020, there were over 490,500 incidents of structural fires in America. These caused billions of dollars worth of damages and hundreds of people got severely injured. These numbers are alarming and homeowners must become aware of the potential hazards.

Learn about them in this post so you can take steps to avoid them.

Electrical Appliances

Most home fires start due to damaged household appliances. People use dozens of electrical appliances such as televisions, laptops, and toasters daily; however, using an appliance with a frayed or worn-out cord is a recipe for disaster. These appliances produce heat, which can lead to sparks and lead to surfaces like rugs, curtains, and floors catching fires easily.

Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires often start when people leave their cooking food unattended. The fire from the stove can ignite things in the kitchen like wooden utensils, paper towels, and food packages. Similarly, a lot of households also rely on dishwashers to clean their dishes. It produces a lot of heat that can combust the kitchen flooring easily. This can quickly spread and engulf the whole house in a matter of minutes.

Combustible Building Materials

A lot of households use wood plastic or wood as a construction material in different components of their homes. This makes windows, sidings, garages, fences, and the roof more vulnerable to getting ignited by fires easily. Just this year, wildfires destroyed hundreds of homes in California. This situation can be avoided if they used non-combustible building materials.

MgO Subfloors Offer an Effective Solution

MgO panels don't have any chlorine formula and instead use magnesium oxide powders. This gives these panels a greater fire resistance over traditional materials like fiber cement board, plywood, and drywall. This makes them a cost and life-saving building material in the long run.

Get a Noncombustible Subfloor Panel Today

At MagMatrixBoards, we are proud to be the leading providers of fire-rated structural panels across the world. Our boards help households combat the dangers of fires and improve their structural integrity. Our portfolio of products includes wall panels, subfloor panels, MgO SIP panels, and fire-rated sheathing boards.

We manufacture the panels in our state-of-the-art factory that follows the latest tests and certifications.

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