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MagMatrix Premier® Tongue & Groove FirePro Structural Subflooring Board


MagMatrix Premier® Tongue & Groove Fire Resistant Subfloor Board gives high performance in bending strength, and fire ratings with China the most advanced MgSO4 chloride-free sulfate technology. It is lightweight and high strength. The Non-combustible floorboard is resistant to fire, water, mildew, insulate to sound and heat. It offers a superior and price competitive, environmentally friendly alternative to fiber cement and plasterboard products. 

MagMatrix Premier® Subfloor Panels are high-strength, reinforced magnesium-based mineral cementitious panels for use in noncombustible construction. Lighter than precast or poured concrete, MagMatrix Structural Panels install like wood sheathing and are mold-, moisture- and termite-resistant. Providing a faster, easier and more efficient way to build floors.


MagMatrix Premier® fire rated flooring board is with Tongue & Groove (T&G) edges for substrate floor application. It could be internal & external. It is with a neat secure surface. It could be designed primarily as a substrate for most finishes such as tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber. It could also suitable as a finished surface with itself. 


MagMatrix Premier® Fire Resistant Subfloor BoardFlooring Board has opened the excellent quality of Tongue & Groove edge which could offer an extensive range of floor options and solutions. This Premier® Subfloor Boarding system can be used in a variety of applications, whether it is a new building e.g. offices, shops, transportable, kit homes, or additions and renovations to an existing building. It is ideal for: sub-floors; suspended floors and areas where moisture resistance is necessary. It is also an excellent product to receive a wide variety of floor coverings.

Size & Weight


Light Weight

MagMatrix Premier® FirePro Flooring Board is lightweight and easy to handle on the construction site. We can control the density of 1400kg per cubic meter. The bending strength could be 25Mpa in dry condition and 20Mpa in the wet condition. 

Non-Combustible & 90/90/90 &120/120/120 Minutes Fire Resistant Levels

MagMatrix Premier® Sub-Floor Board is an EN13501-1 A1 non-combustible and could be applied in conjunction with floor systems to get FRL 90/90/90 and FRL 120/120/120 with relatively Fire Resistant Levels regulates. 

Chloride Free

MagMatrix Premier® Substrate Flooring Board is with China's most advanced MgSO4 formula which is totally chlorine-free and has no corrosive for all kinds of metals. The chloride content is 0.018-0.065% which is tested with Intertek Report available for our customers who have interested in this content to check. 


The board offers remarkable acoustic insulation performance. The flooring system for Class 2 or 3 Type-A construction on timber or steel frame offers an Rw/Rw+Ctr of 62/58 (BCA for Rw +Ctr is >50. If offers the most excellent acoustic insulation performance and no one could beat it. 

Environmental Friendly Materials

It is an advanced high tensile strength, and low carbon glass fibers mesh reinforced oxysulphate cementitious board that is embedded with 4 layers high tensile glass fibers which could achieve the bending strength at 25Mpa at the dry condition and 20Mpa at the wet condition. It does not contain asbestos and is toxin-free. It is completely free of harmful toxins and particles such as heavy metals and asbestos. 

Low Carbon 

It is a low carbon product which contains about 35% of the embodied energy of equivalent portland cement derived materials. 

25 Years Durability

The Board is long term durable and is warranted for more than 20 years. We are improving to 50 years of life of service. In the "Soak Dry" test, we are achieving 50 cycles for test and we will publish our new and more advanced for 50 years sub-flooring MgO sulfate formula soon for the market. 

Mould & Termite Resistance

The Premier® Subflooring Board is resistant to mold and termite attack that is reliable, safe and effective. With our increasingly popular mold-resistant board range, you no longer need to suffer the consequences of mold and seriously health affecting bacteria in your home or working environment. 

Superior Finishes

The Board provides a polished concrete-like surface suitable as a quality finish in itself. The superior smooth surface allows for finishing with paint, wallpaper or texture directly onto it. 

Mechanical Properties


 1. Fireproof: It is non-combustible with EN13501-1 A1 grade


 2. Water and humidity resistant: It is immune to permanent damage from water. It has passed 25 freeze/thaw cycles with AUS and EN 12467 standard with Intertek Test Available.


 3. Lightweight and high strength: With a density of 1400kg/m3, it is the strongest among load-bearing inorganic

    boards. The flexural strength of the 19mm premier® subfloor loadbearing floor is 12MPa.


 4. Environmentally green: It is not toxic and non-radiation. It is environmentally friendly from raw materials, production,

 applications to landfill. When applied correctly MagMatrix Magnesium products greatly benefit us all aspects of life by immediately decreasing global greenhouse gasses, lowering carbon footprint and offer our families protection with a safer and more sustainable insulation solution from the elements of water, wind, the heat and the cold.


 5. Energy-saving: It has a thermal conductivity of 0.179W/m·k and can achieve good heat insulation.


 6. Sound insulation: MagMatrix Mag FirePro Flooring Board provides excellent sound insulation. A single can achieve acoustically


 7. It is immune to termite attacks: It prevents termite attacks and fungal growth.

 8. Easy to work with: It is lightweight, easy to install, cut and nail, reducing labor cost.

 9. Durable: Its superior performances guarantee MagMatrix Mag FirePro Loadbearing floor’s durability.

10. Easy to be grooved: Gemtree loadbearing floor may be easily grooved by ordinary woodworking tools.

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