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MagMatrix Multi-Support MgO Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Panel

A2 Non-Combustible | High Bending Structural Strength | Asbestos Free | Moisture Resistance | Non-Flame and Smoke Spread | Score & Snap Cutting | Strong Srew Holding Strength | Environmental Friendly | Chloride Free | Non-corrosive on Metal & Steel Structures | ICC & IBC Building Code of Type III 2 hour Fire Rated Loading Bear Wall Exterior and Interior Assembly | ICC & IBC Building Code 1- 2 hour Fire Rated Loading Bear Wall Assembly | ICC & IBC Building Code I II III IV 1-2 hours non-loading bear Firewall, Fire Barriers Assembly | Curtain Wall NFPA 285 Fire Retardant Assembly

To make your builds as safe as possible for now and in the future, it’s important to understand the role of Fire-Rated Sheathing. The sheathing is a panel used to form a surface on a building onto which other materials can be applied. When sheathing products have fire-resistant properties they are engineered to help resist fire exposure and provide protection to help maintain the structural integrity of the building. The fire-resistant sheathing is most commonly used in 1-hour and 2-hour fire-resistance-rated assemblies for commercial and residential construction. The use of fire-resistant sheathing in wall assemblies helps protect the integrity of the structure and contain and isolate a fire. Details vary by the assembly, including the thickness of the fire-resistant-rated wall, which generally increases in thickness as the exposure time increases. To provide increased fire protection, fire-resistant sheathing and other products are tested and evaluated by third parties. Here is the process:


Wall assemblies designed for fire resistance are tested in accordance with ASTM E119
Materials are evaluated to the performance requirements of the International Building Code (IBC)
Fire resistance is evaluated by accredited agencies such as ICC-ES, Intertek, and UL


Meet Code.  Exceed Expectations with MagMatrix MgO Fire-Rated Structural Sheathing. As an evaluated component of 1-hour and 2-hour wall assemblies and roof deck applications, MagMatrix's panels combine flame-spread and burn-through resistance to bolster a building’s fire-resistance capabilities. 


MagMatrix Fire Retardant MgO Sheathing is a patent-pending, code-compliant, fire retardant, MgO structural sheathing panel system that incorporates the extraordinarily flame and heat resistance of magnesium oxide with the structural ability and overall utility of OSB and Plywood panel to create a uniquely high performing fire-resistance-rated structural sheathing product. 


MagMatrix Multi-Support MgO fire-rated structural sheathing panel is different and the resulting product is an extraordinarily high performing fire retardant MgO sheathing that offers a variety of assembly options not previously available with other fire retardants sheathings. MagMatrix provides protection against fire damage through the use of a magnesium oxide panel that significantly decreases flame and smoke spread. Ideal for load-bearing building applications, MagMatrix Fire Retardant Structural Sheathing can be used in the same way that traditional OSB is used but provides serious protection against fire damage and is a more environmentally friendly solution, it meets the ASTM E84 building code and meets the type III IV V of the wood frame constructions. 


Manufacture Process

MagMatrix Multi-Support board model is manufactured with high-end magnesium oxide powder taking more than 70% content with inorganic substances and alkaline resistant high tensile fiberglass meshes. The MgO board is naturally cured using no energy through cold fusion. It is inorganic and has no toxic inputs. It contains no formaldehyde, fly ash, or crystalline silica – ingredients/inputs found in plywood, OSB, fiber cement, and gypsum-based building materials. It achieves superior strength and flexibility with the input of alkaline-resistant glass fiber meshes which supports our board get a unique high-performance structural property. Our MgO board undergoes a low energy manufacturing process, as much as 50% less than competing building products, and actually absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its exothermic curing process.

Technical Property Data
Manufacturing Video
Why Choose MagMatrix Multi-Support Sulfate Magnesium Oxide Board

MagMatrix Multi-Support Magnesium Oxide Board is developed with MagMatrix Group with the most advanced technology of China MgO sulfate chloride-free formula and enhanced with 4 layers of high tensile glass fibers to achieve more strength tensile and more fire-resistance timing. It can achieve 2 hours of fire resistance with a single layer with a timber stud partition structure. 

MagMatrix U423 2 hours Test Picture.jpg

A2 Non-Combustible Board 

These boards are especially predestined for the implementation of various types of fire protection solutions. The boards are classified as A2 (non-combustible) boards pursuant to European Standard EN 13501-1. Also, when it comes to providing a definition for non-combustibility we need look no further than the Building Regulations which defines it as: "Any product classified as non-combustible when tested in accordance with the requirements of BS476: Part 4: 1970 - Fire tests on building materials and structures - Non-combustibility test for materials, or: "Any product classified as Class A2 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2002 - Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Classification using data from reaction to fire tests when tested to BS EN ISO 1182:2002 Reaction to fire tests for building products - Non-combustibility test and BS EN ISO 1716:2002 Reaction to fire tests for building products-Determination of the gross calorific value." Magnesium oxide boards are essentially noncombustible, with a flame spread of ZERO and a smoke development of ZERO, as measured by ASTM & EN standards. These properties make it highly effective either standing alone as a sheathing/underlayment or when laminated to other materials.

High Tensile and Impact Strength

It uses 4 layers of high tensile fiberglass meshes, which gives our MagMatrix Multi-Support Sulfate MgO board model bending strength of more than 16Mpa and the impact strength of more than 25Mpa. This maintains a good racking strength on the board application. It provides a more durable wall construction material compared to traditional drywall to help prevent surface scuffs and abrasions as well as deeper indentations that require frequent cosmetic repair. 


Our MagMatrix Multi-Support Sulfate model of magnesium oxide boards is durable and fully breathable. The boards we recommend handle exposure to moisture extremely well. It has the natural ability to get in and out of moisture, giving it a heavier and more durable construction building. It takes the place of oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, and gypsum sheetrock for all sheathing, wallboard, subfloor, and roof decking applications.

Non-formaldehyde and Non-Toxics

MagMatrix Multi-Support MgO board contains no nasty chemicals, no gypsum, no cement-based content, and no formaldehyde. 100% sustainable, 100% compostable, Co2 negative, vapor permeable. And does, not off-gas. It is ideal for chemically sensitive people.

Moisture/Water Resistant

MagMatrix Multi-Support Sulfate MgO Structural Panel is water-resistant and virtually impervious to water, not more than 0,34% weight Magnesia cement used for the production is insoluble in water and prevents delamination of the board as well as swelling after long-term exposure to water. lt retains its excellent dimensional stability, even in damp and humid conditions because it is chloride-free and will have no water happening from its' inner side. It can be applied at an early stage of the construction program, even before the building is weathertight. It is suitable for semi-exposed applications and can be left undecorated.

Acoustic Performance

MagMatrix Multi-Support MgO Board is characterized by excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. It can be successfully used in combination with modern insulation materials (insulant, construction membrane) for exterior decoration of the building at quite low values of heat conductivity (0.0186 W/mK)) and acoustic transmission (30 DB).

Dimensional Stability

This MagMatrix Multi-Support MgO fire-rated structural sheathing panel has excellent dimensional stability under heat and in severe moisture environments. It also has a small expansion rate. Boards are suitable for most industrial applications due to good impact resistance. Our board is a porous material with a sponge-like texture. Humidity does not fill completely in its pores leaving some space for expansion when being frozen. Due to this, it does not change its inner structure when frozen. The dimensional stability of the MgO board is 50 cycles in freeze/thaw and the loss of mechanical strength is only 0.5% (at the allowable of 18%).

Efficient Cutting & Fastening Method

MagMatrix Multi-Support board is easy to install, it is simple to cut, drill, shape and fixed. It can be worked in the same way as timber products with no special tools required, and it is also maintenance-friendly. Our Multi-Support SS model of MgO board will work best with carbide tools, resulting in clean square cuts that will provide higher-quality installations. Circular saws including table saws work best. The boards can be scored and snapped using disposable knives that can cut through the fiberglass mesh from the smooth side. Edges can be routed flush or to create shapes and patterns using carbide cutters. When using saws like the hand electric saw with precision depth adjustment, sheets can be cut directly off the pile without marking the sheet below, which contributes to fast and accurate work.


The cuts are smooth and easy with conventional carbide-tipped circular saw blades and that ordinary bimetal jigsaw and multi­tool blades work fine for cutting around penetrations. And the crew fastened the siding with pneumatic roof nailers, and, it can also be fastened with high-quality screws (conventional black drywall screws sometimes snap off), framing nails, and siding nails. It is better than fiber cement to cut because the dust wasn’t as irritating and the composition is easier on cutting tools. But as with cutting any materials that make dust, all workers should be protected from the dust by using a vacuum, blowers, breeze, or dust masks.​

Environmental Friendly & Green Building Board

Unlike Portland Cement-based boards and pours, the MagMatrix Multi-Support board contains no hazardous components such as crystalline silica and hexavalent chromium, and the dust is not an irritant. In contrast cases of extreme exposure to Portland-based products, the results can lead to adverse health outcomes and worse. Unlike Portland cement-based boards, there are no environmental concerns from extremely high energy consumption in manufacturing cement, and the related air pollution, such as the release of dioxin, NOx, SO2, and particulates. In contrast, the production of Portland cement contributes to about 10 % of world carbon dioxide emissions and is the most energy-intensive industry in the world.

Package & Shipment
Typical Applications

• Fire retardant for loading bearing interior walls and exterior walls and non-load-bearing partitions
• Fire protection beams & columns.
• Shaft liners and area separation wallboard.

• Fireproof Ceilings.
• Fire rated construction sheathing panel in the ICC & IBC Type III for 2 hours loading bearing walls,  V building code for 1 hours loading bearing construction
• Substrates for coatings and insulated systems (such as Direct-Applied Finish Systems, EIFS, and stucco). 

• Timber Constructions

• Passive fire protection board

• Timber construction III IV V fire-rated structural sheathing board

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