MagMatrix Decorative FireProof Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Laminated Wall Board


Class A fire-proof plate developed by MagMatrix is green and ecological fire-proof building material. With non-combustible inorganic materials as its core materials and fire-proof plate coated with fluorocarbon or polyester on its surface a protective layer, it is compounded by advanced and unique technology. It is also a Grade A non-combustible, waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-earthquake, and thermal insulation green environmental protection plate in building materials currently. The product has been widely used in various building decoration fields, with its excellent fire resistance and physical properties, especially in fire-proof grade and peel strength.

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Product performance

Fire-proof performance: Fire-proof plate has good fire-proof performance, and is non-combustible plate. The time of flame sustained combustion is zero, does not burn at 800℃ and does not have a tongue of flame at 1200℃, reaching the highest fire-proof and non-combustible grade, Grade A. With the partition system made with high-quality keel, its duration of fire resistance can reach more than 3 hours. It can absorb a lot of heat energy in the process of fire, so as to delay the rise of the ambient environment.

Lightweight plate: The apparent density of fire-proof plate is 1.0-1.2g/cm3, reducing the load of the building, and reducing the weight of interior wall by more than 60%, as well as increasing the usable area by 5-8%. Lightweight is in favor of structural seismic.


Seismic and sound absorption: The plate will not be loosened under the circumstance of wind pressure of piston in driving because it is fixed with a special fastening screw. And it also has good function in sound absorption because of the micropore formed by the plate’s structure. The sound insulation performance of Grade A fire-proof composite plate can ensure the quiet living environment. The sound insulation capacity of 3mm thick plate is 29db, while the partition system of double-sided 4mm thick plate is lower than 42db in air sound. Its uniform pore structure is unparalleled among other plates with dense structure.

Good environmental protection performance: The plate adopts inorganic materials and water, without toxic gas when burning, and it is a product of environmental protection. Grade A fire-proof composite plate is free from asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful radioactive elements, without smoke, the toxic or peculiar smell in case of fire. The material produced is natural mineral power and plant fiber. Natural maintenance is needed in the production process, with less energy consumed and without sewage. So it is a product of energy conservation and environment protection. When used, there is no powder dropped from its surface. Its unique natural micropore structure can adjust the indoor temperature and make the living room and office more comfortable. The colored paper on the surface contains special western resin. It is made by automatic production line through special technologies such as cold entry and air intake pipe of the intercooler, high temperature, and high pressure, with characteristics of wear resistance, pollution resistance, free deformation, odorless, no radiation, and no paint.

Convenient construction: One-time operation, without repetitive operation or second operation. It is 8-10 times faster than fire-proof coating. It also has superior performance for installation and process. It can be stuck, cut, nailed, drilled, painted, and planed, and easy to be transported, with excellent toughness, not easy to be broken. It can be easily installed with the self-threading pin, gun nail, and straight nail as well can be operated with a wet method and dry hanging method. In addition, due to its unique toughness, the product can be conducted with secondary processing on the construction site to fully meet the decoration requirements and achieve various changes in shape.

Anti-pest and anti-mildew: The inorganic mineral powdered substance constitutes the functions of anti-mildew, anti-pest and anti-termite of the magnesium board, and meets the anti-mildew standards for building materials in Europe and the United States. The grade A fireproof composite board composed of inorganic mineral powdered substance has the functions of anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-pest, and anti-termite, and meets the anti-mildew standards for building materials in Europe and the United States.

Waterproof and dampproof: In dry, cold and wet weather, the performance of glass magnesium board is always stable, not affected by condensed water drops and humid air. Even after being soaked in water for several days and naturally dried, it will not be deformed or softened. It can be used normally, and the moisture absorption and brine return will never occur. After testing, the board body is not water permeable.

Excellent strength: The grade A fireproof composite board has a lightweight, compact structure, good stability, and wood-like toughness. It has excellent performance in compression resistance, tensile resistance, fracture resistance, and impact resistance. It is strong and tough. It has high strength and strong fracture resistance. The fracture resistance is greater than 12Mpa, suitable for places crowded with people.

Heat insulation and energy saving: The inorganic core layer of grade A fireproof composite board has the characteristics of uniform and dense pores, so that its heat conductivity can reach 0.216w/cm.k, which is more insulated than the lime-sand brick masonry cutting (1.1w/cm.k) and saves energy consumption, so that it has comfortable environment and fresh air in the living room.

Rich patterns: There are many colors to choose from, and there are classic wood grain and relief with earth, natural wood, and wooden texture as well as marbling available for customers to appreciate.

Application scenes

Commercial buildings: commercial buildings, entertainment venues, shopping malls, and hotels

Industrial buildings: factories and warehouses

Residential buildings: new homes, decoration and renovation

Public places: hospitals, theaters, and stations

They can be applied to the decoration of the interior wall of the above scenes.

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