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MagMatrix Laminated FireBoard Interior W

MagMatrix Noncombustible Decorative Panels


Class A fire-proof plate developed by MagMatrix is green and ecological fire-proof building material. With non-combustible inorganic materials as its core materials and fire-proof plate coated with fluorocarbon or polyester on its surface a protective layer, it is compounded by advanced and unique technology. It is also a Grade A non-combustible, waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-earthquake, and thermal insulation green environmental protection plate in building materials currently. The product has been widely used in various building decoration fields, with its excellent fire resistance and physical properties, especially in fire-proof grade and peel strength.

Production Line Video

1. Melamine noncombustible decorative panels

2. Metallic foil-coated noncombustible decorative panels

3. Polyester decorative calcium silicate/MgO panels

4. Noncombustible decorative panels

5. Resin film decorative calcium silicate/Magnesium oxide panels

6. Veneer painted non-combustible decorative panels

7. Embossed noncombustible decorative panels

8. Resin film decorative aluminum louvers


MagMatrix A2 Noncombustible Decorative Panels get a broad development space, and it integrates HPL, PVC, CPL, triamine paper, metal fabrics and other materials to develop a brad application space. 


Medical Space: It is suitable for the decoration requirements of modern medical space. It not only has a fine surface mechanism and mild color but also has the flame retardant grade of A2, environmental protection, antibacterial, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and easy cleaning.

Commercial Space: It is well applied for business office buildings, hotels, chain stores, service centers and other commercial space decoration, fire retardant technology wood grain, relief mechanism, special grid, cloth grain, metal wire drawing, and other custom-made flame retardant decorative panels. 

Education Space: It has environmental protection, no odor, no heavy metal and moisture resistance, and other advantages. It is suitable for Kindergartens, schools, and university auditoriums, lecture halls to provide a colorful, quiet, and warm environment. 

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