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Magnesium Oxysulphate Chloride Free Fire Rated Board Technology Owner and Developer 

Magnesium Matrix Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd  keep investment in studying and production free of chloride magnesium oxide oxysulphate (MOS) high-end glass fiber reinforcement cementitious board with fire rating level (FRL) 2-4 hours and our product series are: 

MagMatrix Baseboard MgO Board

MagMatrix Multi-Support MgO Board

MagMatrix Multi-Support SS MgO Board

MagMatrix Mag FirePro Cementitious Board

MagMatrix Mag FirePro Flooring Board

MagMatrix Mag FirePro External Cladding Board/Render Carrier Board

MagMatrix MgO SIP Panels/MagMatrix Mag FirePro SIP Panel

MagMatrix Mag FirePro Boundary Wall for High Rise Buildings 

MagMatrix Mag FirePro Prefabricated Modular Wall

Our MagMatrix MgO and Mag Fire Rated Boards are characterized by environmental protection, fireproofing and flame retardance, waterproofing and damp-proofing, low weight and high strength, sound insulation and heat preservation, etc., solve the difficult problems of fire protection and environmental protection in aspects of building, decoration and furnitures, have passed the type tests of China National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials and China National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Building Materials and Products; the flame rating, fire performance, and full product performance indicators have reached the requirements of relevant national standards, and the product formula and process technology possess more than 30 proprietary intellectual property rights.

Our MagMatrix brand products are derived from 100% genuine sulfate magnesium oxide chloride free fire resistant building boards. Developed from independently sourced, intellectual property rights, our patented magnesium technology has enabled us to develp the renowned leading class inorganic fire protection series of magnesium oxysulfate structural board material. 

Facility & Technology

MagMatrix Group owns and equipped with the industry's most advanced production facility. Moreover, we have strict quality control systems in place for material processing, molding, aging, and other production processes to maximize batch consistency and product quality. 

High-End Magnesium Oxide Fireproof Panel

We are using China and global newest and most advanced Magnesium Oxide Sulphate technology to produce our Magnesium fire rated board and panel. Our Magnesium Oxide Board are good at high density and high tensile and yield for construction structural application like as backer, exterior, floor, SIPs, cladding and basement materials. It is the highest classifications in the MgO board market right now for it's highest tensile and density. 

Excellence and Professionalism

Magnesium oxide more commonly called magnesia is a versatile mineral that when used as part of a cement mixture and cast into thin cement panels under proper curing procedures and practices can be used in residential and commercial building construction. Magnesium Mag FirePro Board and MgO magnesium board are suitable for a wide range of general building uses and for applications that require fire resistance, mold and mildew control, as well as sound control applications and many other benefits.

Environmental Friendly

As an environmentally friendly building material, magnesia & magnesium concrete & cement type board has strength and resistance due to very strong bonds between magnesium and oxygen atoms that form the magnesium oxide molecules (chemical symbol MgO). Magnesia & Magnesium boards are used in place of traditional gypsum drywall as wall and ceiling covering material and sheathing, as well as in a number of other construction applications.” Since Magmatrix Mag FirePro Board and MgO board is a mineral based green building product and it is homogeneous, there will be no delamination over time. It can also have a positive impact on occupants’ health and safety while extending the life of the building investment.

Product superiority

Light and anti-seismic, mass per unit area is only 1/5 of red brick wall, it has good fireproof and anti-seismic properties, and it is capable of being used both in low-rise and high-rise buildings. Quick and convenient construction: section or combined installation and dry process operation, it has goods features in nailing, sawing, planing, sticking, pasting and the like.

Long service life: based on the test results of multiple state authorities, the service life of Mg-based light weight wallboard is above 120 years. Energy conservation & environment protection: production process is free from high temperature and high pressure, and product is non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free and non-radioactive, belonging to a kind of green and new energy-saving building material. Improvement of usable area: under the same conditions of heat preservation, sound insulation and other requirements, plate is thinner, and for same building, the product increases above 10% usable area year on year.

It is characterized by fireproof, waterproof, shock resistant, acid-alkali resistant, anti-aging properties.

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