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Jinpeng Group -- MagMatrix Company --The Leading and most Professional Magnesium Matrix Fire Rated Structural Boards for Fire Rated construction and wall Assembly, Passive Fire Protection Industry and Engineering and New Energy Industry Fire Protection Board Solution Provider.

JinPeng Group --  Magnesium Matrix Company in brief called as MagMatrix as the international high-end BMSC (Basic Magnesium Sulfate Cementitious) which is the most advanced and innovative chlorine-free MgO panels supplier and manufacturer that who are fully invested by Jinpeng Group and MagMatrix keep its independent run and operation for its international market.


With its backed plant of Jinpeng group, founded in 2015, Jinpeng Group affiliated by MagMatrix in the High-Tech Industrial Zone in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, which is one of the key cities in the Yangtze River Delta. It is built on the site over 50 thousand square meters, initially invested with 200 million RMB about 31 million USD dollars in the land purchase, plant, and production lines set up, and huge investment in the research of the BMSC formulation of the MgO panels industry with China top scientists from Beijing University and Tsinghua University, to be a high-and-new-tech enterprise covering R&D, manufacture of magnesium oxide boards.


Jincheng Magnesium Matrix is 100% owned by Jinpeng Group and takes independent running for its international businesses. It has been with huge researching, developing, and producing basic sulfate magnesium boards and fire-rated boards for the passive fire protection applications.  The whole series is certificated and patented after years of scientific research and tackling the key projects under the support of abundant investments. Our clients are from over 20 countries and regions, and our tech specification and application performance of products are in the leading place of the industry.


Our Basic Magnesium Sulfate Cementitious MgO panel is a newly innovative chlorine-free magnesium panel that owns the advantages of fire-rated, structurally, green & low carbon footprint, and easy installation building panels. Our new generation MgO board is Superior Fire Resistant and structural performance in the same panel –it is a kind of firer rated structural panel in the building industry with a patented, code-compliant, and owns the ASTM E136 noncombustible grade of our Perseverance model MgO board, also, Class A Flame Spread Rated with ASTM E84 standard, fire retardant and is durable and easy to handle on the job site.

Our Company’s Wide-Ranging Product Line Offers Green Options For Every Project. 


As one of the chief contributors to global warming, the construction industry uses products that require an enormous amount of energy to produce and consumes a great deal of power during the building process.

That creates a problem that innovative companies have tackled by developing products that demand less energy during manufacturing and are composed of safe ingredients. With consumers driving demand for greener products, the MagMatrix Group seeks to satisfy those needs by promoting sustainable construction green fire-rated structural panels in the passive fire protection industry, and modular construction fields, and also the commercial projects from the fire-rated sheathing, ceilings, backer board to fire-rated structural subfloor board and roofs panels. 

MagMatrix is a global supply chain leader in fire-rated structural panels. It has perfected an approach to producing its lightweight, nontoxic line of construction panels that require little energy to manufacture due to the company’s state-of-the-art industrial facility in China.

As a replacement for drywall, OSB, Plywood and fiber cement board, and other structural boards, the MagMatrix line of products uses natural mineral ingredients of magnesium oxide powders. and we employ no chlorine formula tested by Intertek, a significant issue in the structural building board industry. It has fire resistance attributes fair beyond virtually any competitor. It ranks highly in international tests for durability and strength.

Composed of sulfate magnesium oxide, MagMatrix falls into the MgO category of boards but carries the crucial difference of being sulfate-based, an even more environmentally friendly alternative. Contractors report uniform positive results when using MagMatrix products. Intertek, the global leader in materials testing, gives all MagMatrix product lines their highest ratings.

The MagMatrix MgO fire-rated structural panel can be used in fire-rated wall applications, as well as for fire retardant structural sheathing on the exterior and interior walls, pitched roofs, flat roof decks, and floors. It offers superior performance with both increased fire resistance and improved structural capacity in a single panel. It provides a fire-resistant solution that could help reduce the number of layers needed 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-hour fire-rated wall assemblies. It could be applied for all code request from ICC Type I II to III-IV and V.

Our MgO panel is free of hazardous chemicals, with no VOC (off-gas) present during fabrication. Our panel could help you get offsite construction and fire-rated constructions and help offer faster construction and reduced installation costs.


From a carbon footprint perspective, our panel is about 60% greenhouse gas emission less than the traditional cement board industry. Due to its faster installation and also offsite job efficacy that also helps cut off about 30% greenhouse gas emission versus other building materials like cement board and drywall board in the whole building cycles.


Our newest but most innovative MgO panel is a kind of green fire-rated structural building panel it helps you cut carbon emissions from each aspect from the 100% recycled raw materials without pollution for the environment when recycled, lightweight that cut green gas during its transportation process versus the traditional Portland cement, structurally, what would make offsite and fire-rated walls and SIPs that would save the fabrication and constructed time for your project to help cut carbon emission and save labor costs, it is naturally curing for the forth curing and will no energy-consuming and our first, second and third curing is under a light-natural gas curing room that is clean energy consumption. It makes about 60% energy saving compared with the traditional fiber cement board industry during its production process. It could totally help the Type I II in the steel frame buildings system and big market in the Type III IV V building market as wall sheathing panels get the fire-resistant building construction. And, when used as an exterior wall sheathing, MagMatrix panels can replace other sheathing materials in certain assemblies, potentially reducing the number of layers required.


We are in more and more professional third-party certifications applying like Intertek CCRR, ICC-ESR, UL, BBA, ETA, and Code Mark and Certifier in the building industry and also the UL and certifier in the passive fire protection fields and also green certifications as well.


We would help you reinforce your building projects in green and safety sustainable and innovative solutions that help make our planet greener, safer, and humanity. Warm welcome with us to get green and sustainable and decarbonization actions for our mother of the planet!

Jinpeng Group -- MagMatrix is one of the leading companies in the Magnesium Oxide Based Building Board space. Geared for innovation, highly rated by the world’s best testing agencies, and sustainable in every sense of the word, the company and its diversified product line will help you serve your clients and fulfill the marketplace demand for quality green construction materials.

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