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MagMatrix’s Provide the World’s Most Sustainable Structural Panels

Magnesium Matrix Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd keep investment in studying and production free of chloride magnesium oxide oxysulphate (MOS) high-end glass fiber reinforcement cementitious board with fire rating level (FRL) 2-4 hours. 

Our Company’s Wide-Ranging Product Line Offers Green Options For Every Project. 


As one of the chief contributors to global warming, the construction industry uses products that require an enormous amount of energy to produce and consumes a great deal of power during the building process.

That creates a problem that innovative companies have tackled by developing products that demand less energy during manufacturing and are composed of safe ingredients. With consumers driving demand for greener products, the MagMatrix Group seeks to satisfy those needs by promoting sustainable construction green fire-rated structural panels in the passive fire protection industry, and modular construction fields and also the commercial projects from the fire-rated sheathing, ceilings, backer board to fire-rated structural subfloor board and roofs panels. 

MagMatrix Science & Technology Group, Ltd. is a global supply chain leader in fire-rated structural panels. It has perfected an approach to producing its lightweight, nontoxic line of construction panels that require little energy to manufacture due to the company’s state-of-the-art industrial facility in China.

As a replacement for drywall, OSB, Plywood and fiber cement board, and other structural boards, the MagMatrix line of products uses natural mineral ingredients of magnesium oxide powders. and we employ no chlorine formula tested by Intertek, a significant issue in the structural building board industry. It has fire resistance attributes fair beyond virtually any competitor. It ranks highly in international tests for durability and strength.

Composed of sulfate magnesium oxide, MagMatrix falls into the MgO category of boards but carries the crucial difference of being sulfate-based, an even more environmentally friendly alternative. Contractors report uniform positive results when using MagMatrix products. Intertek, the global leader in materials testing, gives all MagMatrix product lines its highest ratings.

MagMatrix Group owns and equipped with the industry's most advanced production facility. Moreover, we have strict quality control systems in place for material processing, molding, aging, and other production processes to maximize batch consistency and product quality. 

MagMatrix produces as a backer, exterior, floor, SIPs, cladding, and basement materials. Distributors should consider including the MagMatrix Baseboard MgO Board, Cementitious Board, FirePro Flooring Board, External Cladding Board, Boundary Wall for High Rises, and Prefabricated Modular Wall.

Whatever kind of board a client needs, MagMatrix has a solution. If you are a company searching for a manufacturer for private label lines of panels, MagMatrix will discuss the success it has had with Resistant Building Products Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Click here for more detailed descriptions of our products and how they will suit the needs of you and your clients.

The MagMatrix Panels Advantage

MagMatrix boards carry significant advantages over competitors, from environmental and fire-resistant attributes to strength and physical properties. Let’s take a closer look.

Environmental attributes: The manufacture of the MgO and MagMatrix sulfate boards requires just 25 to 50 percent of the energy needed for Portland cement. While curing the material captures carbon, a contribution to the environment in a time of global warming. The manufacturing process adds no ammonia, silica, asbestos, heavy metals, organic solvents, benzene, or formaldehyde, all ingredients found in competitive products. MagMatrix boards have less than one percent chlorine, well below the MgO industry average. After being decommissioned, MagMatrix boards are so benign they can be disposed of as fertilizer rather than sent to landfills.

Fire resistance: MgO boards have high fire resistance ratings, and MagMatrix is no different. The MagMatrix boards carry the highest fire resistance level, A1, and provide 120 minutes of structural adequacy, integrity, and insulation during a fire. These ratings are better than industry competitors such as Promat Supalux, Promat Masterboard, Fermacell, and gypsum boards.


Structural Strength: MagMatrix boards can last 50 years, according to tests. They hold the same weight as standard bricks yet are only one-fifth as thick. Comprised of a glass-fiber, MagMatrix boards offer higher durability and low density, light-weighted and robust. Impact and bending strength far surpass calcium silicate and gypsum boards, which are composed of shorter fibers that cannot provide as much strength.

Waterproof qualities: MagMatrix boards resist. A little water causes no warping or swelling. In coastal areas, salt, often the ruin of many building materials, does not impact MagMatrix. MgO boards remain dry after being in the water for 100 days compared to calcium silicate, which lasts 30 days. Exposure to water weakens drywall immediately.

The MagMatrix Panels Advantage

MagMatrix is one of the leading companies in the Magnesium Oxide Based Building Board space. Geared for innovation, highly rated by the world’s best testing agencies, sustainable in every sense of the word, the company and its diversified product line will help you serve your clients and fulfill the marketplace demand for quality green construction materials.

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