MagMatrix MagPro Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Board
BoardBreakthrough in the non-combustible construction offering 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours fire-rated walling and ceiling and subflooring assembles. 

Meeting ASTM E136 Noncombustible grade for use in all types of noncombustible construction.

MagMatrix MagPro Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Board --is coming from MagMatrix Perseverance Model with the ASTM E136 noncombustible grade for the fire-rated structural sheathing applied in all types of noncombustible construction for walling, ceiling, subflooring.  It is with the superior Fire Resistant and structural performance in the same panel --MagMatrix Structural Fire-Rated Sheathing is a patent-pending, code-compliant, Class A Flame Spread Rated, fire retardant made from a new sulfate magnesium oxide panel system that is both durable and easy to handle on the job site.

The fire-rated structural sheathing can be used in fire-rated wall applications, as well as for fire retardant structural sheathing on the exterior and interior walls, pitched roofs, flat roof decks, and floors. It offers superior performance with both increased fire resistance and improved structural capacity in a single panel.

It is free of hazardous chemicals, with no VOC (off-gas) present during fabrication.

MagMatrix MagPro Fire Rated Structural Sheathing building board, for applications that require a slightly lighter board with improved fire properties. The product offers very similar properties to the cement particle board, however, due to the magnesium oxide formula, it offers greater fire resistance. Fully tested to achieve a to two hours through wall solution with external sheathing board properties.

As a sheathing board, it can be used behind rain screen cladding, insulated facades, and cedar cladding (in this application, the use of a water-resistant/ breathable membrane such as Tyvek, on to the face of the board, is recommended in line with good building practices for external cladding). CE marked and conforms to BS EN 12467.

Manufacture Process

MagMatrix MagPro Fire Resistant Sheathing Board is manufactured using inorganic substances and high tensile premium fiberglass meshes to gain an excellent impact and bending strength. It is making the first and second and third times curing technology at moisture conditions. That is very energy savings. That is unlike similar competitive products on the market which use autoclaving technology. This gives MagMatrix Fire-Rated Sheathing is an extremely low impact on the environment. It achieves its superior strength and flexibility by the introduction of 4 layers of high tensile glass fiber meshes. Consistent high quality of the product is maintained and monitored through an advanced digitally controlled process to ensure a superior finished board for our client's application.  

Features and Benefits

MagMatrix MagPro Fire-Rated Sheathing is a Class A Flame-Spread  & ASTM E136 noncombustible grade and fire-rated sheathing product and provides resistance to fire3, mold, and mildew2 and is dimensionally stable when wet. Essentially, one product that combines fire resistance, structure, and dimensional stability. MagMatrix fire-rated exterior sheathing installs with standard tools, methods, and fasteners and can be nailed or screwed directly to wood or steel framing.


The sheathing board is superior water-resistant that allows for water vapor permeance. Excellent fire resistance properties, and numerous fire-rated assemblies. Mold and moisture resistance. Compatibility with most exterior wall systems and applications. Conformity to design and code requirements. Strength - with enough flexibility to bend to curved surfaces. A lightweight sheathing that cuts like regular gypsum board and is easy to handle and install - with minimal skin irritation due to a fully-embedded glass mat. MagMatrix MagPro Fire-Rated Sheathing is the next generation of the industry standard for high-performance, weather-resistive, an alternative to gypsum-based sheathing. 

Fire Rated Loading Bear Wall 2 hours FRL Assembly for ICC & IBC Code of Type I II for Noncombustible Construction

The Fire-rated sheathing board has been designed and engineered to outperform traditional wood, gypsum, and fiber cement sheathing panels, not only from a structural standpoint but also in terms of speed of installation on-site, which in turn translates into bottom-line savings.

It is a code-compliant Class A1 & ASTM E136 noncombustible fire-rated sheathing product and provides unparalleled resistance, not only to fire but also to water, mold, and wood-boring insects. Essentially, one product that combines all of the benefits of plywood or OSB from a structural standpoint, exterior gypsum from a fire-resistance standpoint, and fiber cement from a water resistance standpoint.

The external sheathing installs with standard tools, methods, and fasteners and can be nailed or screwed directly to steel framing. Lap siding or cladding systems can be fastened directly to our panel, due to its superior fastener withdrawal capacity, which in turn reduces the risk associated with fasteners missing a stud.

  • A non-combustible classification A1 & ASTM E136 Noncombustible

  • Excellent water resistance properties.

  • Flexible and strong.

  • MagMatrix light sheathing board with improved workability.

  • Excellent water resistance properties.

  • 1hours, 2-hour, and 3 hours load-bearing fire protection.

  • High impact strength.

Green and Environmental Friendly Building Board

MagMatrix MagPro Fire Rated Structural Boards is the green board help get the green target building system. 
Unlike Portland Cement-based boards and pours, MagMatrix MagPro Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Boards contain no hazardous components such as crystalline silica and hexavalent chromium, and the dust is not an irritant. In contrast cases of extreme exposure to Portland-based products, the results can lead to adverse health outcomes and worse.
Unlike Portland cement-based boards, there are no environmental concerns from extremely high energy consumption in manufacturing cement, and the related air pollution, such as the release of dioxin, NOx, SO2, and particulates. In contrast, the production of Portland cement contributes to about 10 % of world carbon dioxide emissions and is the most energy-intensive industry in the world.

Noncombustible Structural Sheathing in Steel Frame Demo
Standard product features

  • Nominal density: 1000-1200 kg/m³.

  • Bending strength (Modulus of Rupture): 14 Mpa.

  • Modulus of Elasticity (MoE): 8.0 Mpa.

  • Thermal conductivity: 0.136 W/mK.

  • Fire rating: BS 476-4 non-combustible; 1 and 2 Hour through wall fire protection tested to BS 476-22.

  • Fungus and termite attack: Highly resistant.

  • Frost resistance: 50 cycles.

  • Front face smooth, back face textured.

  • Durability (minimum): 30 years.


1200 × 1200 mm

1200 × 2400 mm

1200 × 2700 mm

1200 × 3050 mm


[6 mm] -- 24 dB sound insulation.

[9 mm] -- 29 dB sound insulation.

[12 mm] -- 31 dB sound insulation

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