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MagMatrix Perseverance Fire Rated Structural Subflooring Panel

Meet ASTM E136 Noncombustible Grade for all types of Non-combustible construction to supply the fire-rated structurally subfloor panel solution.

Meet ASTM E84 Zero Flame and Smoking Spread
Lighter than Precast & Poured Concrete| Fire Resistant | Strong Bending Strength | Impact Resistance |Screw Directly | Dry Quickly Installation | 20% Lighter than Portland Cement Board | 100% Asbestos and Silica Free |Mold, Moisture & Termite Resistant | ASTM E136 Noncombustible | ASTM E84 Zero Flame and Smoking Spread 

MagMatrix Supper® Magnesium Oxide FirePro Subfloor Board gives high performance in bending strength, and fire ratings with China the most advanced MgSO4 chloride-free sulfate technology. It is lightweight and high strength. The Non-combustible floorboard is resistant to fire, water, and mildew, and insulates to sound and heat. It offers a superior and price competitive, environmentally friendly alternative to subfloor board from fiber cement board or subfloor plywood,  OSB subfloor, and chipboard subflooring products. 


MagMatrix Economic® MgO fire-rated subflooring board is with square edges for substrate floor applications. It could be internal & or external. It is with a neat secure surface. It could be designed primarily as a substrate for most finishes such as tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber. It could also be suitable as a finished surface itself. 

Fire Resistant Assembly

Noncombustible MagMatrix BMSC MgO subfloor panels offer fast installation, structural stability, and 1- and 2-hour fire-rated and 3-hour fire-rated floor/ceiling assemblies.

Quick Installation & Cutting

MagMatrix Supper® FirePro Subflooring when making installation could be a super fastener to withdraw power to hold nails and screws like plywood. The dimension is stable, the panels will not buckle or warp like wood sheathing. It installs just like wood sheathing, a circular saw for cutting, and screws for fastening. It meets ASTM E136-12 for use in all types of noncombustible construction. 

Description in Subfloor

MagMatrix Supper® FirePro Structural Subfloor Board 18mm (3/4") can carry a total load, alive and dead, of 320 psf (15.3 kPa) when cold-formed steel framing is spaced 24" (610mm) O.C.

It is mechanically fastened to cold-formed steel joints, timber frame trusses, or framing members. A non-combustible ceiling assembly is attached to the bottom of the floor joists to complete the construction. This floor system is designed to carry gravity and lateral loads. The surface of the boards shall be covered with tile or carpet. MagMatrix Economic® structural subfloor panels can also be installed on wood joints and hot-rolled steel framing modular construction systems. 

It has a maximum linear variation with a change in the moisture content of less than 0.1% in accordance with ASTM C1186 testing (from 50% to 90% relative humidity). This means that the panels will not buckle or warp like wood sheathing. Do not gap MagMatrix Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor and roof panels. 

Cutting the concrete subfloor and roof panel requires a carbide-tipped saw blade and a circular saw equipped with dust collection or adequate ventilation to control airborne dust. Wear safety glasses, gloves, and a NIOSH-approved dust mask during the cutting operation. Use a stand-up screw gun and self-drilling No. 8-gauge screws when fastening the panel.


MagMatrix structural subfloor always requires a finished floor covering such as ceramic tile, vinyl, wood, carpet, or other approved materials. Without an underlayment, future removal of these floor coverings may damage the structural subfloor. The only floor coverings that do not require an underlayment are residential carpets and pads. 

Framing System Inspection

The steel floor framing must be designed to meet the strength and deflection criteria specified in the contract documents. The panel end must be bearing on the supporting flange for at least 1"(25mm) wide. Attachment flange or bearing edge width shall be minimum 2" (50mm). Metal framing must be a minimum of 18 gauge and spaced not greater than 24" (610mm) o.c. 

Framing System Inspection

Joist Bridging consists of joist sections cut to length and placed between outer supports, at mid-span with 8' o.c. max. and adjacent to openings. Follow the steel framing manufacturer's recommendations for the proper installation and bracing of the trusses or joists framing. 


MagMatrix structural subfloor must be installed according to the Guide, using only the listed materials and components. For all types of construction, appropriate safety procedures must be followed to protect installers from personal injuries from lifting incorrectly, falling, and eye, hand, and lung irritation from dust. 

Always orient panels perpendicular to the joists, when the joists change direction, so does the panel. Install panels in a running bond pattern so that end joints fall over the center of the framing members and are staggered. 


Fasten each panel after it has been placed following the fastening schedule listed in the contract documents. Use adhesive at both tongue & groove and square edges. Use only non-combustible polyurethane-based adhesive. Ensure panels are tight with the adhesive applied prior to screw attaching the panels to the steel framing. 


For all panels less than 24" (610mm) wide, all edges must be supported by blocking. Blocking must be cold-formed from steel complying with the relevant standard, with a minimum of 54 mils (0.0538 inches or 1.37mm) base metal thickness (No.16 gauge) and a minimum G60 galvanized coating. 

Recommended Fasteners
Product Data

Sizes and Packaging: 18mm/19mm/20mm × 1200mm × 2440mm panels. Each panel weighs approximately 58kg and 63kg (35 sheets per pallet) and is intended to be handled by two people in the upright position. 

Maintenance: MagMatrix Structural Subflooring does not require any regular maintenance except to remove standing water and repair damage from abuse. Any cracked or broken panels should be replaced with the same MagMatrix Structural Panel that is secured following the fastening schedule prescribed in the original installation documents. The replacement panels must be a minimum of 24" (610mm) wide and must span a minimum of two supports. If not, the replacement panel must be fully blocked on all sides. 

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