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Fiberboards vs. MgO Boards

Two of the most popular construction panel materials are MgO (Magnesium Oxide) boards and fiberboards. Both of these boards have their distinct features and purposes. Fiberboards have been around for longer than MgO boards. Magnesia or Magnesium Oxide has been used for centuries when it comes to building and construction, but MgO boards made in a factory have gained prominence in the previous decade or two.

In this blog, we'll look at both fiberboards and MgO boards as options for construction material.


Solid fiberboards are a cost-effective option in construction. It's made out of a mix of waste timber and groundwood pieces. This mixture, along with resin, provides a consistent surface free of grains and natural wood knots.

Fiberboards are not very strong, though, which is why they're rarely used for structural purposes. Their use is more decorative, giving your home an aesthetically pleasing, smooth finish. Fiberboards don't absorb moisture and water, making them water-resistant as well.

Fiberboards are susceptible to heat damage and are not fire-resistant. Insect infestations are not a concern with fiberboards since they don't provide an ideal environment for insects to thrive.

MgO Boards

MgO boards are strong, sturdy boards. These boards are certified fire-resistant and can withstand high heat levels for a significant amount of time. These boards also don't bend or swell since they don't absorb any moisture, even if submerged in water for a significant time.

MgO boards are not good hosts for fungi like mold and mildew and, don't allow any insect infestations to occur. This is because these boards are completely inorganic and have no wood in them.

MgO boards are environmentally friendly as well. These boards are recyclable, reusable, and don't result in a lot of emissions when being made. These boards can be manufactured in a factory at any time of the year. Not only are these boards environmentally friendly, but they also don't contain hazardous materials like asbestos or formaldehyde. This makes these boards healthy options for interior and exterior use both.

MgO boards are properly manufactured through rigorous processes and are certified for structural use.

If you are looking for MgO boards for your construction project, you've come to the right place. MagMatrix Boards offers the finest MgO Boards for all requirements. Our Magnesium Oxide boards can be used for subfloor panels, wall panels, structural sheathing, and more. Get in touch with us now for further information.

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