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Introducing Jinpeng Group MagMatrix New MGO Board: A Revolutionary Building Alternative

What are the significant challenges in the construction industry?

In both the United States and Canada, the construction industry faces a shortage of skilled labor, causing a lag in production and increased labor costs as companies compete for workers. Building with MagMatrix Board helps address this challenge by providing on-site construction efficiencies, resulting in up to 55% faster erecting and up to 41% labor cost savings compared to 2×4 stick framing.

Where can magnesium oxide boards be used?

Magnesium oxide board works can be used indoors and outdoors. That’s one of its unicorn properties. There are indoor and outdoor grades of plywood and interior and exterior nails. But there’s only MagMatrix Board – you use the same product inside and out. It comes in different thicknesses but is still the same product used in many indoor and outdoor applications.

Outdoor Uses 

Magnesium oxide boards can be used outdoors as they are moisture resistant (not water-proof). It doesn’t promote the growth of mold or fungus. Insects don’t eat this stuff. If termites had noses, they would turn them up at MagMatrix Board. It’s salt-resistant but not well suited for areas with a consistent relative humidity of 93% or more. 

Indoor Uses 

Magnesium oxide boards can be used indoors to resist fire, mold, fungus, insects, mildew, water, and termites. These boards can be scored, snapped, sawed, drilled, and fastened to wood or steel framing.

Suitable for structural sheathing

MagMatrix Board is quite strong and has good flexural and tensile strength, making it suitable for structural sheathing. It also has high impact resistance, making it ideal for damage-prone applications, such as hurricane areas, or when used with a simple surface coating in areas where the wall might get beat up.

MagMatrix Green Fire Rated Structural MgO Panel

MagMatrix Board is a mineral-based green and eco-friendly building product known as a MgO board or Magnesium Oxide board. It is homogenous with no delamination. It is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects, mold, and mildew. It is non-toxic, fire-rated, structurally green, has a low carbon footprint, is non-combustible, chloride-free, and maintains its dimensional stability even when wet. We have an excellent profile of projects where architects and engineers have specified the MagMatrix Board based on its characteristics. As a replacement for drywall, OSB, Plywood and fiber cement board, and other structural boards, MagMatrix Board is ideally suited to be the product of choice based on its excellent characteristics, alignment with environmentally friendly focus, and competitive pricing.

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