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MagMatrix New MGO Board With Light Gauge Steel Frame Cuts Carbon Footprint

MagMatrix New MGO Fire-Rated Structural Sheathing Panel on Steel Frame System

MagMatrix's innovative MGO fire-rated structurally sheathing panel with the light gauge steel frame system is revolutionizing the construction industry by providing sustainable solutions that drive down costs. The latest development in their product line is a new panel type manufactured from light gauge steel, which overcomes cold-bridging issues commonly found in steel frames. This new solution was developed due to concerns about possible termite attacks and the use of insecticides that are not environmentally friendly, which led to inquiries from overseas requesting an alternative to the use of timber.

Now, builders can opt for light gauge steel panels with MgO sheathing boards applied to both sides, forming a composite panel that is both durable and environmentally friendly. MagMatrix's MgO boards use 50% less energy than other cement-based boards and have 400 kg of stored carbon dioxide in each 1000 kg of MgO board. As a result, the rising use of MgO board in the construction industry is being recognized for its environmental benefits.

Helping Cuts Carbon Footprint

MagMatrix's construction methods provide a sustainable solution for those concerned about carbon storage. Compared to similar-sized properties around of 101 square meters, a timber-frame house has 43 tonnes of carbon storage, and a traditionally built house has 25 tonnes of carbon storage. In comparison, a new light gauge steel frame house has 85 tonnes of carbon storage due to the greater use of the two principal materials in their construction methods.

Join the sustainable construction movement with MagMatrix's innovative solutions that provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for your next project.

New MGO Fire-Rated Structurally Sheathing Panel Solution

MagMatrix introduces its new MGO board, offering a family of fire-resistant and structural building panels for various applications such as new MGO fire-rated structural subfloors, fire-rated roof decks, fire-rated wall sheathing, underlayment, and fire-resistant external cladding. Innovation and quality are MagMatrix's top priorities, and their new MGO board is a testament to that. If you're looking for a reliable and safe building solution, select one of MagMatrix's products to learn more about their offerings.

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