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Uses of Fire-Rated MgO Boards

Fire-rated magnesium oxide boards are very popular nowadays, thanks to their distinct properties, they offer a plethora of amazing benefits. They protect against fire and keep your property safe from harm.

This excellent quality of MgO boards deserves some attention. Not only do they offer strength and durability, but they also keep your property safe from fire.

Home/Building Construction

One of the most common uses of MgO boards is in the construction industry. It can be applied as wall sheathing, fascia, and trim.

Inside the home, it can be used as a wall panel, firewall, or ceiling.


Another popular use of magnesium oxide boards is as an underlayment in homes. They have replaced gypsum and have become the top choice of homeowners and builders alike. They offer incredible strength and durability, making them an ideal choice. Plus, they are fire and water-resistant.

Other Uses of MgO Boards

Some other common uses of MgO boards include:

  • Partitions

  • Structural sheathing

  • Shower stall

  • Facings for structural panels

  • Shaft liners

  • Soffits

  • Coatings and insulated systems

The Bottom Line

All in all, fire-rated magnesium oxide boards are used in many indoor and outdoor applications at home due to their many benefits, especially fire protection. Therefore, it is fair to say that they are an important component in today’s construction world and are used by builders and constructors extensively.

Get Fire-Rated MgO Boards Today

Now that you are familiar with some indoor and outdoor uses of fire-rated MgO boards, it’s time to call the experts.

Our MgO boards use Sulphate Magnesium Oxide, which makes them more sustainable than MgO boards produced by other brands.

Our MgO non-combustible panels are high in tensile strength and exhibit quality resistance to mildew and mold. Exterior MgO board panels as they are strong and durable.

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