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Gives You a Wonderful Fire
Resistant Structural Building Board - To Help Build A Greener and Better Planet

Jinpeng Group -- MagMatrix's Newest Generation Basic Sulfate Magnesium Oxide Cementitous Fire Rated Structural Board with Green and low Carbon Emissions for Fire Protection and Structural solution in the Construction and Passive Fire Protection and Industrial Engineering Industry to Give You the Best Fire Structurally Solution.

About Us

Jinpeng Group -- MagMatrix Boards is magnesium board manufacturer. We make MgO panels and boards of the highest quality. Our fire-resistant boards are structurally strong, and do not bend or break over time. Resistance to water and moisture is another key aspect of our subfloor and sheathing boards. They don’t allow any fungi, mold,or mildew grow, as they are made of synthetic material only.

MgO boards can be used for exterior purposes as well as interior purposes. Accidents like house fires are very common—installing fire-resistant MgO boards will make sure that if a fire occurs, it doesn’t spread around your house or the boards don’t collapse, posing a major hazard for you and your family. Our MgO boards are also long-lasting, so your investment is safe and won’t cause any hassle in the near future.

With the technological advancements in almost every sector of every industry, MagMatrix aims to provide its customers with safe and long-term solutions for structural purposes. Contrary to the high carbon emissions and use of materials that consume high energy in the conventional construction industry, MagMatrix Boards’ MgO panels are environmentally friendly, and their manufacture results in the lowest possible carbon emissions.



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MagMatrix Perseverance Model MgO Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Board

MagMatrix Perseverance MgO Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Board

MagMatrix Perseverance Model MgO Board is a fire-rated structural panel with ASTM E136 noncombustible grade for Type I and II Construction codes serving as fire-rated structural sheathing for loading bearing wall or non-loading bearing walls from 2-4 hours FRL design and building in commercial constructions. 

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MagMatrix Multi-Support Model MgO Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Board

MagMatrix Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Board

MagMatrix Multi-Support Model MgO Fire Rated Structural Board is designed applications as the fire-rated loading bearing wall assembly in Type III for 2 hours and fire-rated loading bearing wall in Type V for 1-hour construction to meet building code of Type III IV V as the fire-rated structural sheathing panel. 

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MagMatrix MagPro MgO Fire Protection Board

MagMatrix MagPro MgO Fire Resistant Structruaurl Board

MagMatrix MagPro MgO Fire Rated Board is the newest generation BMSC formulation of chlorine-free MgO board that serves as the fire-rated structural board in the passive fire protection fields in construction, tunnel fire protection, and engineering industry like battery, petroleum and steelmaking and power station industry. 

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"The MagMatrix Mag FirePro Wallboard is very excited with us. No loss of volume that we had a burner on an hour and a half the results are fantastic we are so excited to see what the fire tests are going to be "

John Smith


"Excellent quality and fast responses and efficient service with worldwide top MgO board quality system, we much appreciated and impressed with MagMatrix MgO fire rated board "

Andrew Doe


"MagMatrix team is really excellent and any quality interiors or problems and even a tolerance issue happens, they get us 100% replacement free of charge. Really wonderful I ever see! We enjoy the cooperation with the MagMatrix team!"

Kevin Taylor

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