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Trending Panel Designs in 2021

Panels give a unique finish to a house. These panels serve more than just aesthetically pleasing looks; they also protect the walls or floors wherever they are installed. Moreover, they're a better alternative to wallpaper and paint since they only require minimal maintenance.

Decorative panels come in many specifications, most of which are non-combustible. House fires are widespread in the US, and it's estimated that a home fire is reported every 89 seconds. So choose the right panels that can protect your home and give it a stunning look.

Here are the latest panel designs that are trending in 2021.

Fiber Cement Board

Fiber cement siding is popular due to its durability, low maintenance, and sustainability. The boards can be made to look like wood grain and stucco and come in dark and pastel shades. It's fire-resistant and often completely asbestos-free (asbestos is a mineral fiber that causes cancer.)

Fiber cement can withstand any weather. If you're living in coastal areas, fiber cement will withstand moisture and rough winds. And if your residence is in an area where fires are a common threat, non-combustible fiber cement will keep you safe.

However, these fiber cement boards are really heavy, expensive, and brittle.

Tile Backer Board

Tile backer board can hold up more weight than other wall panels; therefore, you can put heavy tiles on your walls. The tile backer board provides a flat surface for tiles to be plastered on.

Tile backer boards give you the leverage to place any tile in the house like granite, limestone, and marble.

They are waterproof, so you don't need to worry about wall seepage when your house's exterior is covered with tile backer boards. Even when placed on the interior, there's no chance of the panels deforming or rotting due to moisture.

Magnesium Oxide Boards

Germany first used magnesium commercially in 1886 for engineering purposes. Magnesium oxide boards are now replacing gypsum drywalls and other construction boards.

They're more sustainable than other paneling options; they're environmentally friendly, non-combustible, and moisture-resistant. However, they're not entirely waterproof, and the boards can swell up due to prolonged exposure to moisture. Magnesium boards can protect against moisture and salt in coastal areas.

MgO panels are cheaper because the manufacturing process takes less energy and produces zero volatile fumes. Moreover, they can also be recycled and released into the soil.

Magmatrix is a reliable supplier of non-combustible, moisture and fire-resistant, asbestos-free, environment-friendly Magnesium oxide panels, and boards. These can be used as drywall, partitions, and sheathing boards.

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