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Top Ways Acoustic Panels Can Benefit Your Home

The overwhelming harsh noise you experience in an enclosed space is often a result of sounds bouncing off of floors, walls, ceilings and other hard surfaces in the room. As a result, direct sounds mix with reverberant sounds in the room and create an acoustic muddle, making communication extremely difficult.

Elevated noise levels can be a nuisance in workplaces, hotels and restaurants and not to mention learning facilities; acoustic panels are one way of combating this problem. They consist of a core that’s made up of sound absorbing materials like mineral wool or foam. Sound waves that strike these acoustic panels quickly dissipate and kill the noise—improving speech intelligibility in performance venues and lecture rooms

Apart from sound absorption, acoustic panels offer a number of other advantages. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Improved acoustics

Acoustic panels effectively absorb unwanted sounds and control the noise level in a room—making direct sounds much clearer. For instance, these panels are increasingly used in recording studios to capture the sounds generated from instruments more accurately. Similarly, acoustic panels are a necessary addition in home theaters since they help you achieve an atmosphere that’s similar to that of a cinema–where sounds from movies are clearly understood by the viewers.

An eco-friendly solution

Acoustic panels like the MgO Fire Rated Acoustic Panels by MagMatix are produced from industrial and agricultural waste like under-calcined magnesia, blast furnace slag, sawdust, etc. The production process is not only environment-friendly but it also offers ecological conservation benefits like low carbon usage.

These panels are safer than other building material options since they’re free of formaldehyde and asbestos. Additionally, they don’t release toxic materials in the air during the production process.

Improved productivity

Walking into a restaurant with high level of noise can be off-putting to say the least! Controlling echo and cutting down on unwanted noise makes for a welcoming environment. The staff will be able to hear customer requests clearly and visitors are likely to spend more time in a place where they can easily converse.

More importantly, acoustic panels in a workplace lead to greater productivity. Employees need a stress-free environment to work where they aren’t distracted by loud noises; plus, conference rooms can be used without worries of confidential information leaking out.

We specialize in firerated Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Acoustic panels. These boards not only provide heat and sound insulation but they also make up for architectural defects. Contact us for more information.

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