MagMatrix Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panel

Fire Rated Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panel Developed Background

With the development of the architecture industry, people’s requirements on architectural aesthetics have become increasingly high. The emergence of landmark buildings in large numbers marks people’s emphasis on urban construction and architectural aesthetics. However, the architectural acoustics which should have progressed simultaneously lags far behind architectural aesthetics. Based on the analysis of the current status of architecture, we find that people request designs of architectural appearance with beauty or even artistry, while their cognition of room acoustics in architectures is still as shallow as those with a set of sound equipment or fine sound insulation. Apparently, such cognition is very superficial, because a good acoustic environment is not merely concerned with equipment or sound insulation. Proper interior sound absorption is also significant.  

Acoustical Board’s Making up for Architectural Defects

Acoustically, a room has three sizes including length, width, and height, which determines its three basic natural frequencies and three corresponding harmonic waves at integral multiples with the natural frequencies. The room can be regarded as a resonator where resonance occurs when the frequency of the acoustic source is consistent with the natural frequency determined by the room’s three-dimensional size, which is the phenomenon of acoustic resonance. All the factors in an audiovisual room including evenness of sound field, sound coloration, and frequency irregularity are related to acoustic resonance. Such resonance influences original signals with some characteristics of room acoustic resonance and thereby results in sound coloration. Length, width and height could get rid of (nearly) integral multiples with each other by changing three-dimensional size through installing acoustical boards, building partition walls or ceilings, removing part of non-bearing walls, etc.

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Acoustical Board’s Capability of Making Interior Frequency Response Even

Even frequency response can make the sound very natural for hearers. In contrast, an uneven frequency response will make your voice vague. For instance, if the response of low frequency is too high, your voice will be buzzing, which can make hearers puzzled. The problem’s solution is to change the shape of walls in a room or to install acoustical boards whose concavo-convex structure can adjust the reflection angles of sound, which will distribute sound evenly in the room and make interior frequency response more even. By such means, voice produced by speakers will become more natural and mellow.

MagMatrix MgO Fire Rated Acoustic Panel Advantages

The ecological fire-proof MgO Boards by MagMatix are made from multiple materials including under-calcined magnesia, magnesium sulfate, coal ash, blast furnace slag, straw, sawdust, etc. Technologies like compounding, ball-milling, homogenizing, etc, are applied in the manufacturing process. Because the whole production process consumes a large number of solid wastes from industry and agriculture without heating, it has production advantages of environment protection, ecological conservation, low carbon, low cost, etc. Plaques of acoustic boards are made of oxysulfate magnesium boards.

Heat and Sound Insulation: Effective in heat and sound insulation, conforming to relevant national standards. The acoustical boards are effective in thermal insulation and can lessen 70 percent of heat loss; the boards are also effective in sound insulation and can prevent noise better than single glass at a volume of 30-45db to make a silent interior space.

Safe: 100% asbestos free. Good construction environment without asbestos, formaldehyde, and benzene at all.

Environmentally Friendly: Healthy and environmental products mainly produced from inorganic materials in an unpolluted environment without any toxic material released.

Low Price: Our price is lower than the other decorative boards and ecological fire-proof boards made from other materials.

Easy Construction: Easy to shave, nail and cut, enhancing productivity. Allowable to be curved for 6mm, expanding interior space. Fine leakproofness without smoke or smell, greatly improving the interior environment.