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MgO Board Recommended Use Guide: Screw Fixing and Forming Holes

Magnesium oxide is new generational ecological building material widely used in the construction industry. Magnesium oxide boards are highly durable and non combustible boards used for multiple purposes.

One significant reason for the immense popularity of MgO boards is that they are very simple and easy to use. However, screw fixing and hole formation in an MgO board can get a bit tricky sometimes. Here we will share a comprehensive guide on how to fix screws and form holes in MgO boards.

Screw fixing MgO boards

When fixing an MgO board, always remember the key points mentioned below.

· If you are not using a self-drilling screw, always try to drill the board prior to fixing holes.

· Try to check the product specifications of the screw gun you'll use for fixing. It should have variable speed and high torque value.

· Overdriving the fixing significantly reduces the holding capacity of the screw. Try to adjust the drill speed simultaneously. It's better to slow down the driving speed when the board starts to move toward the framing.

· To maintain a flush outside face, always try to fix the open side of the flange first to the steel framing.

· Pre drill the pilot holes at a distance of at least 12mm from the edges of the boards. It's better to use self-drilling and self-tapping screws. However, you can also use drywall screws for some situations.

Forming holes in MgO boards

Hole formation is important for the installation of services such as lights and access panels. Let's have a quick look on how you can form holes in MgO boards.

For smooth circular holes

For smooth and clean cut holes, you can follow the following process.

· Mark the center of the hole on the board and pre-drill it. This will serve as a guide.

· Use a hole saw fitted to a premium quality electric drill to cut the hole to the desired diameter.

· You can also use a jigsaw to serve the purpose.

For apertures and large openings

Often, small circular holes are not enough, and you need to form larger openings.

· Use a sharp tool to mark around the opening perimeter.

· Follow the above mentioned procedure, to form a round hole in the center.

· Saw cut from the center toward the edges of the opening.

· Tap the waste pieces from the front side of the surface.

The above mentioned procedures are only for your general guidance. You can also apply other methods for screw fixing and hole formation.

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