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Magnesium Oxide Board: How to Prevent it From Sweating

Magnesium oxide boards are a new-age alternative to gypsum and calcium silicate boards. They have moisture and fire-resistant properties and are much more lightweight and easier to install. All of these factors make them an excellent choice for roof-siding, subfloor paneling as well as building shelves and cabinets.

However, despite being water-resistant, MgO boards can go through a process called sweating, which causes damage to them over time. Therefore the key is to invest in high-quality mag boards and buy them from MagMatrix Boards. Another imperative is to prevent MgO board sweating, and the following are some of the ways to do that:

Curtailing Use of Halogenide

One of the main reasons for board sweating is the use of excessive chlorine on the board surface, which causes dampening and bloating of boards. This happens due to the formation of halogenides. Halogenides are the ‘sweats’ that appear on MgO boards when excessive chlorine within the boards oxidizes.

To prevent MgO board sweating, excess chlorine needs to be extracted by drying the board or by using a halogenide reducing agent. This method of reducing halogenide entails applying a reducing agent as a seal. It acts as a lamination that protects the mag boards from sweating by creating a wall between the external environment and the board, but the problem is that over time it begins to lose luster and wears down.

Carry Out Soaking

A more effective method to remove excess chlorine from the board surface is by soaking. In this process, MgO boards are immersed in a pool for about 12 hours- depending on their thickness. When the boards are submerged in water, it forms compounds with the excess chlorine and takes them off the mag boards. The displacement soaking method is the best way to prevent MgO board sweating.

At MagMatrix boards, we specialize in manufacturing MgO boards, and ourMagMatrix Multi-Support Model Magnesium Oxide Board (MgO Board) is a medium-density board embedded with four layers of high tensile glass fiber meshes. The MagMatrix Multi-Support Sulfate MgO Panel is a water-resistant product with virtually no absorption. It is made of 0.34% weight Magnesia cement which makes it insoluble in water and prevents MgO board swelling even in the long run.

Don’t Sweat It. Buy Your Mag boards from MagMatrix Boards Today

Get in touch with us now and get all the details and information about our MgO product range as well as manufacturing procedures and techniques. Apart from making chlorine-free water-resistant boards, we are also a leading name in producing fire-rated sheathing panels and subflooring. The MagPro sheathing panel is a marvel in the non-combustible construction industry, offering up to four hours of fire resistance.

Other products include our MgO subfloor panels and MgO decorative boards. The latter is a fire-proof, eco-friendly plate used in building materials. Feel free to go through our test reports and certifications and check the legitimacy of fire ratings, and if you are unsure about what kind of MgO boards to opt for, let us help you choose MgO boards that are durable, safe, and convenient.

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