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MagMatrix Magnesium Fire Rated Structural Building Board

Many ordinary, everyday home building materials are either naturally fire-resistant or can become fire resistant with a few tweaks. Although most building materials are not 100% fireproof, many materials that we’ll talk about today will give your house a fighting chance if it’s ever threatened by fire. Homes built with the right materials, the right landscaping layout, and smart detailing have a far better chance of escaping a fire with less damage.

Building codes typically require that a home’s walls, floors, and roof be fire-resistant in accordance with standards set forth by the International Building Code (IBC). Regional building codes may be more stringent, depending on the general threat of fire in your area. Fire-resistant homes are designed to contain a fire, keep it from spreading, and give sufficient time to discover a fire, control it, and evacuate the home, if necessary. Fire resistance ratings are expressed in the number of minutes or hours a structure can withstand a fire. According to the Engineered Wood Association, a one-hour rating indicates that a structure or material can contain flames and high temperatures, and support its weight, for at least one hour after the fire begins.

Natural non-combustible Material

Magnesium Oxide(MgO) as the main raw material is prized as a refractory material, i.e. a solid that is physically and chemically stable at high temperatures.

It has two useful attributes: high thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity.

MagMatrix MgO sulfate board is made of high purity Magnesium Oxide, which is resistant to temperature 800℃ and can withstand the effects of an open flame for up to 240 minutes when it is part of prefabricated structures.

MgO Sulfate Board vs Plaster Board

For those in fire-prone areas, much the same applies and exterior type so-called fire-resistant plasterboard can require “multiple layers” of 13mm and 16mm plasterboard when needing 1 to 1.5 hours protection. While, 1 layer of 10mm MagMatrix MgO board will achieve up to 1.5 hours in the modern high rise, low rise, and fire separation walls.


With its excellent fire-rated performance, it's perfect for use in high-rise inter-tenancy walls, low-rise, duplexes, townhouses, cluster developments, factories, commercial units, etc. all with common walls. This material is brimming with infinite possibilities and holds immense business potential.

It is the ideal solution for your most demanding projects. It is the only construction panel that provides all of these features in one remarkable product. It is sound suppressing and impact resistant.

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