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Installation Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your MgO Boards

MgO boards, commonly referred to as magnesium oxide boards, are becoming increasingly popular as flexible and robust construction materials. They are an effective choice for many applications because of their exceptional strength, fire resistance, and moisture resistance.

MagMatrix Boards is a leading MgO board manufacturer. Our goal is to produce top-quality products that meet our clients’ demands. However, making the most of MgO boards requires using precise installation procedures. In this blog, we will explore some essential tips and tricks for installing MgO boards, ensuring a successful and long-lasting installation.

Handle with Care

Handling MgO boards with care is one of the first steps in ensuring a successful installation. Despite being quite light, they must be handled carefully to avoid damage. Avoid dropping the boards or dragging them across uneven terrain when transporting them to prevent cracks or fractures. It is advised to transfer the materials with a trolley or cart. Furthermore, to protect the structural integrity of the boards and avoid moisture absorption, make sure they are stored in a dry environment.

Accurate Measurements and Cutting Techniques

To guarantee that the boards fit properly into the required locations, precise measurements must be taken before starting the installation. Be sure to take into consideration any cuts needed for pipes, windows, or electrical outlets while taking the measurements. To ensure accuracy, it is always preferable to take measurements twice.

It's crucial to utilize the proper equipment and methods while cutting the MgO boards. Cutting MgO boards calls for a circular saw with a diamond-tipped blade or a tungsten carbide blade. These blades are made especially to manage the MgO boards' hardness and guarantee precise and clean cuts. Wear proper safety equipment when cutting the boards to protect yourself from any flying debris.

Create a Sturdy Frame

It is essential to construct a solid frame to guarantee the long-term durability of your newly installed MgO board. The frame gives the boards the support and stability they need to be structurally sound. Use steel studs or pressure-treated wood for the framework. The MgO boards will have a solid foundation due to the outstanding durability and moisture resistance of these materials. Following local building rules and regulations is also crucial to ensure good frame alignment and anchoring.

Secure Installation

It is advised to employ a combination of mechanical and adhesive fasteners to provide a safe and solid installation. Before joining the boards, prime the frame with construction glue designed for MgO boards to help form a solid connection. To ensure uniform dispersion of the glue, apply it in zigzag motions throughout the board's rear surface.

To physically secure the boards to the frame, use galvanized nails or stainless steel screws in addition to glue. To avoid sagging and guarantee a consistent installation, fasteners should be positioned at regular intervals throughout the perimeter.

Leave Proper Expansion Gaps

MgO boards respond to variations in temperature and humidity by expanding and contracting just like any other building material. It is essential to provide the correct expansion gaps during installation to accommodate these movements and avoid buckling or warping. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the type of MgO board being installed.

Standard recommendations ask for 3-5 mm expansion spaces between boards as well as between boards and other structures like walls or floors. The installation is not put under any strain as a result of the gaps allowing the boards to freely expand and contract. These openings can be sealed with an appropriate sealant once the installation is complete to ensure a finished look while still permitting movement.

Protecting the Edges

MgO boards' exposed edges need special consideration during installation. These margins are susceptible to harm from moisture intrusion. Applying a high-quality edge sealer or primer made especially for MgO boards is advised to protect the edges. The sealer or primer creates a barrier of protection, improving the installation's overall ability to resist moisture and increasing the life of the MgO boards. Make sure the borders are completely covered to stop any water entry.

Finishing Touches

It's time to think about the final touches once the MgO boards have been firmly mounted. The boards must have a suitable primer or sealer applied to the surface to increase their resistance to moisture, mold, and other environmental variables. Follow the application instructions and drying guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Once you have applied the primer or sealer, choose paint or finishing product that is appropriate for MgO boards. To obtain the required visual appeal and long-lasting durability, use premium exterior-grade paint or specialized MgO board paint. To apply paint properly, pay attention to the manufacturer's directions on how many coats to apply and how long each coat will take to dry.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary to guarantee the durability and optimal functioning of your MgO board installation. Check the boards occasionally for any indications of damage, such as cracks, chips, or degradation. If you discover any problems, fix them right away by either replacing the damaged boards or using the proper patches and sealants.

Additionally, maintain the cleanliness of the installation by routinely removing any dirt, debris, or vegetation that might accumulate on the MgO boards' surface. To carefully clean the boards, use a soft brush or a light detergent solution combined with water. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents or chemicals that might harm the boards' surface.

Furthermore, pay attention to the surrounding environment. If the installation is exposed to excessive moisture or harsh weather conditions, consider adding extra measures such as waterproofing membranes or drainage systems to protect the MgO boards from extended moisture exposure.

MagMatrix Boards: A One-Stop Solution to All Your Construction Needs

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