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How Well Do MgO Boards Stack Up Against Other Materials?

Magnesium Oxide boards are becoming fairly popular among the masses for their fire-retardant capabilities, but are they the end-all solution when it comes to construction material? How do other materials perform in comparison and are you missing out on any unique features by going with Magnesium Oxide for your home or office. Here’s a complete breakdown:

Fire Resistance

MgO and Calcium Silicate both display a high level of resistance towards fire. Being incombustible, they will not spread fire or cause any smoke, making them excellent for installation within homes and offices. Gypsum boards possess a great deal of fire resistance as well, but will eventually start carbonizing from the fire at around 200°C.

For pure fire resistance, MgO and Calcium Silicate are the preferable options.

Water Resistance

Neither MgO or Calcium Silicate are waterproof but they possess a great deal of resistance to water, meaning that they can withstand it for very long periods. MgO generally shows a better level of resistance and is a considerable option for those living in coastal areas where the water may contain salt content as well.

Gypsum lacks resistance against water and will start to degrade rather quickly upon prolonged exposure.

Physical Properties

MgO has a low density but is a strong material with a great deal of flexibility, adding to its overall impact resistance. Calcium silicate has a higher density but also provides a lot of durability like MgO. The thermal conductivity of all three materials is fairly similar due to their inorganic composition.

Other Important Aspects

Calcium silicate is fairly brittle and will break apart when using stronger nails and irons on it. MgO can withstand stronger applications, including gun nails. Affixing Gypsum is not possible due to the kraft paper composition.

Calcium silicate boards are not environmentally friendly as they contain asbestos, which is not present in MgO Boards.


Apart from being fire retardant, MgO Boards are fairly cheap as well, ticking almost all the boxes across the board to make for a welcome inclusion in all kinds of buildings. At MagMatrix Science & Technology (Group) Co., our fire-resistant boards are rated A1 according to the European Standard EN 13501-1.

It’s an installation that you can set up within your buildings and rest easy knowing that you’re protected, safe and sound. You can also acquire our external render boardsand subfloor panelsfor that extra layer of safety. Get in touch by filling up this form or calling us at 86-335-3327878.

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