MagMatrix Fire Resistant Render Board

MagMatrix MagFirePro Fire Resistant Exterior Render Board

About MagMatrix MagFirePro Renderboard Concept

MagMatrix MagFirePro Exterior Render Board is designed by a high performance, vapor open, fire resistant and moisture resistant carrier board that is compatible with polymetric, lime, silicone and cement render applications. It is a low carbon, high strength, yet lightweight magnesium oxide cementitious based interior and exterior wall cladding suitable for both residential and commercial applications. 

Manufacture Process & Composition

MagMatrix MagFirePro Render Board is manufactured using inorganic substances and high tensile premium fiberglass meshes to gain an excellent impact and bending strength. It is making the first and second and third times curing technology at moisture conditions. MagMatrix MagRC Render Board achieves its superior strength and flexibility by the introduction of 4 layers of high tensile glass fiber meshes. Consistent high quality of the product is maintained and monitored through an advanced digitally controlled process to ensure a superior finished board for our clients' application. The principal constituent is Magnesium Oxide (MgO) plus Sulfate. The board is non-toxic and free from formaldehyde, benzenes, solvents and oil-based chemicals. 


MagMatrix MagFirePro Fire Resistant Render Carrier Board has a polished surface on one side and a rough/keyed texture on the reverse suitable for applying a variety of bonded applications. It can be rendered, painted or plaster.


It is a vapor-permeable,  A1 fire rated noncombustible building board with excellent dimensional stability. MagMatrix RC Renderboard is moisture, frost, mold and impact resistant, offering an alternative to block and render, brick, masonry or cladding finish.

The heavily keyed surface of the board is perfectly designed and proven to successfully receive a wide range of finishes including various render types, paint, plaster, and brick slips, making it the ideal choice for both internal and external applications. The boards must be fully dry and dust free prior to finishing with any type of finish.

The boards are used to form the external facades of domestic and commercial projects which utilize timber, steel or hybrid framed structures to achieve lightweight, fast-erecting, thermally efficient building envelopes with smaller footprints.

It can be cut and worked just like comparable fiber or normal woodworking tools. Tungsten carbide or diamond-tipped blade is recommended. Dust extraction is advised for high volume cutting & machining. 

It offers improved bending strength characteristics and quality finish than fiber cement sheets. And it could be fixed to timber or steel studs with spacing at a maximum of 600mm centers. It is an A1 non-combustible. It could achieve 120/120/120 Fire Resistant levels. It is water-resistant, but all times requires a suggested coasting system to be applied. It is an advanced high strength, low carbon fiber reinforced engineered cementitious composite product and totally toxin-free, asbestos-free and is 100% recycled.



Here is a list of the most common boards for thin coat render systems and their feature


MagMatrix Fire Rated Render Carrier Board provides a solid, durable surface that can withstand the extreme weathering effects of wind, rain, and snow. They can provide an impact-resistant barrier, and it doesn’t rot or swell when they come into contact with water, so they survive a long time even when located on the exterior of the property.  

With high-performance criteria such as resistance to fire, the spread of flame, heating, cooling, humidity, dimensional stability, racking, pull-out, thermal, acoustic, the board, it can be a higher overall specification alternative to gypsum-, cement particle-, calcium silicate-, OSB3-, plywood, and fire-liner- boards. It can be mechanically fixed to timber, lightweight galvanized steel, and primary structures, or bonded to various substrates.

Key Benefits
  1. Excellent dimensional stability

  2. Excellent bond strength

  3. Severe duty rated for impacts

  4. EN13501-1 A1 Non-combustible and Non-flammable

  5. Easy to handle and cut on-site

  6. Vapour permeable

  7. Weather-resistant - will not be delaminated or blow

  8. High pull-out strength - screw fix or nail

  9. Mould and mildew resistant

  10. Verified low embodied carbon

  11. 100% nonhazardous materials

  12. Category 1 racking strength

  13. Suitable for off-site manufacture

  14. Also suitable for exterior paint applications

  15. Fire Rating: 12mm on timber stud, single-sided application - 90 minutes

Standard product features

  • Nominal density: 1050-1200 kg/m³.

  • Bending strength (Modulus of Rupture): 18 Mpa.

  • Modulus of Elasticity (MoE): 8.0 Mpa.

  • Thermal conductivity: 0.136 W/mK.

  • Fire rating: BS 476-4 non-combustible; 1 and 2 Hour through wall fire protection tested to BS 476-22.

  • Fungus and termite attack: Highly resistant.

  • Frost resistance: 100 cycles.

  • Front face smooth, back face textured.

  • Durability (minimum): 30 years.


1200 × 1200 mm

1200 × 2400 mm

1200 × 2700 mm

1200 × 3050 mm


[6 mm] -- 24 dB sound insulation.

[9 mm] -- 29 dB sound insulation.

[12 mm] -- 31 dB sound insulation

[16 mm] -- 45 dB sound insulation

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