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Fire Resistant Walls at Home: Why Are They Important?

Fire-resistant walls can be used in both commercial and residential places. As a homeowner, you might be skeptical using them necessarily. But, let us tell you that fire-resistant walls are more important than they seem like.

In this article, we will tell you why exactly fire-resistant walls are important and why you should get those for your home.

1- Saves Lives

This is the most evident factor in why you should have fire-resistant walls at home. Fire-resistant walls don’t stop the fire but they slow it down, giving you a lot of time to protect the lives of the people you love.

Around 4000 lives are lost in the US every year from accidental fires, and the number keeps increasing every year. This is why it’s so important to get fire-resistant walls in your house.

2- Saves Cost

You might be surprised to hear this, but fire-resistant walls cost much lower than actual walls. The installation of fire-resistant panels in the walls is pretty easy and requires little to no maintenance. This means that you can save lives without putting a dent in your pocket.

3- Versatile Use

Not only can fire-resistant walls be used in the exterior part of the home but they can also be used in any part of the house. The kid’s room, your room, or anywhere in the house.

4- Offers Various Designs

Not only do fire-resistant walls offer protection, but they look great too. Fire-resistant walls also have a lot of designs and color schemes to improve the look of your house.

5- They Lower House Temperature

Apart from slowing down fires, fire-resistant walls also lower down the temperature of the house. This means you won’t have to suffer from exceedingly high temperatures in the hot summer months. Moreover, fire-resistant walls will lower your air conditioning bills!

If this blog convinced you to get fire-resistant walls, we’re glad we could help!

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