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Building Impact Resistant Walls with MgO Sheathing Boards

Sheathing boards are used in floor, walls, and roof assemblies to provide a sturdy nailing base onto with various building materials that can be fastened. They are used to strengthen the wall system by protecting it from external elements, thereby providing structural fitness.

Exterior structural sheathing boards tie the framing studs together, providing the walls with twisting and bending resistance. This includes protecting the structure from surface wear, abrasions, dents and penetrations into the wall cavities.

Structural sheathing even plays a crucial role in withstanding wind loads and taking them to the backup wall framings and building’s foundation. They act as a substrate for air, water, and vapor barriers.

Common sheathing materials include OSB, glass-faced gypsum panels and plywood, but there’s one material that tops the chart as it integrates both weather barriers and insulation: Magnesium Oxide sheathing boards.

MgO Boards: New Solution For Impact Resistant Homes

Our MagSF Sheathing Boards are the new innovative building materials in the market that are feathered as A1 Non-combustible, with a high fire-rating. Apart from their unparalleled fire performance, these sheathing boards offer excellent impact resistance as well as score-and-snap workability. MgO sheathing boards can be used behind rain screen cladding, cedar cladding, and insulated facades.

What’s more, these sheathing boards can withstand high wind pressures that up to 350 miles an hour (even stronger than a tornado!).

Sheathing boards and panels require good load capacity and racking strength; our panels have 4 layers of high tensile fiberglass that provide 38Mpa of impact strength, along with bending strength of over 22Mpa. This fully prevents the structure from abrasions and scruff, providing a durable construction compared to traditional drywall sheathing materials.

Other benefits

Let’s look at some advantages of using MgO sheathing boards:

Construction Efficiency

MgO sheathing boards make for cost-efficient, high-performance constructs since they can handle blows, bumps, and abuse more efficiently. They also provide installation simplicity, lower initial costs, and speed, resulting in quicker delivery schedules.

Mold and Moisture Protection

MgO boards are known for their exceptional mold and water resistance. Since they are insoluble in water, homeowners need not worry about swelling and long-term exposure to moisture. In fact, MgO sheathing boards are known to maintain their dimensional stability even in humid and wet conditions.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on MagMatrix’s MagSF non-combustible sheathing board, which is an exceptional green alternative when it comes to the structural sheathing.

You can even shop non-combustible wallboards, chlorine-free MgO boards, and Magnesium Oxide floor boards online on our site.

Get in touch with us today for more information.

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