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3 Types of Roofing Sheets used in Construction

Roofs are the most crucial part of the house after its foundations. The roof needs to be sturdy to protect inhabitants and the house's interior from weather elements.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the life expectancy of your roof depends on local weather conditions, maintenance, building design, and the quality of the material. Copper and concrete roofs can last an entire lifetime, whereas aluminum roof coating can only last for seven years.

Here are the types of roofing sheets most commonly used in construction.

Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Corrugated means there are parallel ridges and grooves to increase rigidity in a structure. Corrugated roofing sheets employ this feature and are more robust than other ones, even if they're made of the same material.

When the structure provides extra strength, it allows using lighter metals like aluminum to create roofing sheets. They last longer, and their non-abrasive nature can deal with adverse weather without incurring more damage.

Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal roofs are generally made of aluminum, copper, tin, and zinc. Their composition can be switched up to increase durability, visual appearance, and longevity.

They're eco-friendly because the metal can be scraped off to make something else.

Moreover, metal roofs are energy-efficient since they reflect UV and infrared rays so that you can cut back on cooling costs.

However, they can be a bit expensive. It's an excellent long-term investment, so if you plan to stay in one particular house for a long time, only then should you get a metal roof.

Although roofers consider the expansion and contraction of metal panels before fastening them, the bolts and fasteners have their own lifespans that can shorten due to extreme weather.

Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

Tiles and shingles are a trendy look for roofs these days. Tile effect roofing sheets are made of cheap, lightweight steel that mimics the classy appearance of ceramic tiles. They're easy to install and alter to fit the size of your roof.

Tile effect sheets are the perfect substitute for heavy tiles; they're good insulators and weather resistant. You can use them for sheds and even large commercial buildings.

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First ask the roof repair expert which roofing sheet is suitable for your home according to the weather conditions and then think of using one for your home roof.

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