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Why MgO Boards are the Preferred Choice Among Real Estate Developers

Magnesium oxide boards, often known as MgO boards, are becoming more popular. Gypsum and conventional silica and plywood boards are being replaced with MgO boards in the construction industry.

Gypsum plaster, often known as Gyp, Portland cement, sand, and occasionally additional additives are combined to create gypsum underlayment. It is typically poured over structural or prefabricated concrete panels to produce a surface that is smooth, sturdy, soundproof, and fire resistant. Over 30 years of use in the building industry saw it dethroned as the go-to underlayment.

Let's examine the factors that are causing MgO boards to grow in popularity among builders and contractors.

Can Be Installed Easily and Accurately

MgO panels can be laid over OSB subfloors and plywood by existing frame teams, unlike gypsum underlayment installations, which necessitate hiring additional subcontractors and waiting for cure times. This makes it possible for the building to continue uninterrupted.

The door headers on various levels and floors don't need to be changed because MgO boards are the same thickness throughout. With gypsum underlayment, this accuracy isn't assured, creating problems for crews later on. Gypsum always has some unknowns, which construction workers aren't aware of until the project is well underway.


Any building project will always encounter unfavorable weather. However, variables like humidity may have an impact on how quickly wet-laid gypsum underlayment cures. Meeting deadlines may be affected because crews won't be able to proceed unless they have a firm and stable surface.

Smooth and stable MgO panels are available without the need for cure times. Since it may be used as floor underlay over the basic subfloor, plywood, or OSB, it also prevents the need for extra crafts to manage the site.

Easy to Manufacture and Readily Available

These panels can be built all throughout the year and in any environment because of their exceptional resistance to cold and heat. After rigorous testing, it was determined that these MgO boards could survive challenging conditions.


MgO boards are easily recyclable and suitable for the environment because they are created without potentially dangerous substances like benzene, asbestos, or ammonia. If it is broken down, it can provide nutrients to the soil rather than dangerous toxins. MgO board manufacturing also requires extremely little energy and has no harmful effects on the environment. In comparison to drywall, MgO boards are significantly more environmentally friendly.

In order to get high-quality MgO boards for your next construction project, make sure you get in touch with MagMatrix Boards. We offer the best quality fire-resistant MgO Boards for all requirements. Our Magnesium Oxide boards are capable of being used as subfloor panels, wall panels, and structural sheathing. Contact us now for more details.

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