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Why Choose Fire-Rated Wall Panels?

Every facility’s first priority is to reduce the risk of property and/or life damage by taking a proactive measure and upgrading to fire-rated wall panels. The truth is, no wall is truly fire-resistant; rather every “fire-rated” wall offers varying degrees of fire protection depending on the materials used in its construction.

Let’s look at some reasons why non-combustible panels are important in your homes and facilities:

Outstanding fire protection

An obvious benefit of installing fire-rated wall panels is the extra level of fire protection that it provides. Compared to traditional fiber cement, Magnesium Oxide SIP panels provide far better fire-ratings; it doesn’t burn at 800℃ and doesn’t have a tongue of flame at 1200℃—one of the highest non-combustible and fire-proof grade, Grade A.

MgO SIP panels provide an envelope for floors, roofs, and walls—delaying the rise of the hazardous environment and giving adequate time to people to get out of a burning building and also salvage expensive inventory. In fact, it can absorb a lot of heat energy and offers fire-resistance for up to 3 hours.

Sound and seismic absorption

MgO panels don’t fall loose during high wind pressures because they are fixed by custom fastening screws.

They also provide good sound absorption owing to the micropore formed by the structure. The Grade A sound insulation ensures a quiet living environment.

Convenient construction

Installing fire-resistance is usually a matter of urgency to the facility, which is why facility owners are always looking for new building technology that is not only convenient to install, but also provides the required extra protection and lowers the overall insurance cost.

MgO boards can be installed with one-time operation—usually 8 times faster than applying fire-proof coating to the wall. They’re also easy to cut, drill, paint, nail, and transportation is a breeze because of their sturdy characteristics. In fact, facilities can reduce the project duration by 30-50%. During the installation process, the MgO SIPs are simply fastened on the base plate using screws, lumber spines and spray foams.

MgO wall panels can easily be operated with a wet and dry hanging method. Moreover, the panels have integrated water barriers of their own, which are insulated with the sheet of construction, simultaneously.

MgO fire-rated panels are not just an incredible all-round solution for fire protection, but they are also lightweight, compact in structure and provide good stability.

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