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where to buy magnesium oxide board

Where to buy a high end magnesium oxide board especially the chloride free sulphate formula with the newest MgSO4 technology?

MagMatrix Group is the China high end and leading one for the Magnesium oxide board or accurately Magnesium Oxide Sulphate Board manufacturer and suppliers who make more than $10 million on the production line set up and formula studying out and also the curing technology innovates. We are only one the MgO manufacturer who really control the sulphate technology out of China right now.

The board can achieve up to 4 hours fire resistance as part of a metal stud system and achieves BS 476 part 4 a Class A – non combustible material and BS 476 part 7.

The physical properties of the board is unaffected by water, making it 100% water resistant. It can therefore be used as a tile backer board in showers and wet rooms. Each side of the MgO has a different surface finish. One side has a brush textured finish that is used where other finishes are to be applied such as tiles or render, the other side is a smooth finish. The smooth side of the board does not require any skim plaster finish and can be directly painted on to. Unlike other board linings, MgO has a high impact, severe duty finish resulting in less maintenance, particularly in high traffic areas. Compared to other construction boards on the market, MagMatrix MgO Sulphate is a ‘greener’ choice as it uses less energy in its production and continues to absorb CO2 during and after curing, making it a carbon negative product. The board can also be manufactured to incorporate a phase change material (PCM). As well as the high performance of the board alone, the use of PCM provides a thermal mass solution for lightweight buildings that is equivalent to 140mm thick concrete wall or 365mm thick brick wall. In addition to the MagMatrix MgO, we offers a range of internal wall and panel systems.

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