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What is an MgO Board? Everything You Need to Know

A Magnesium Oxide board, better known as “MgO board” is a non-insulating casing board product manufactured in factories.

It has multiple applications such as fascias, soffits, tile backing, wall and ceiling linings and underlayment.

They are made of mineral cement that consists of a composition of magnesium oxide. MgO boards are essentially sheathing boards similar to cement boards and drywall, but they have additional properties including fire, weather, mold resistance and increased durability.

MgO boards are primarily produced in Asia; however, there are a few local manufactures that distribute in the region. MgO boards in the USA are fairly new but their usage is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years due to their many benefits.  

History of MgO

The use of MgO dates back several centuries; all the way back to the Pyramids! The mineral cement was used to create mortar used in masonry construction.

The use of MgO boards as sheathing panels may be new to North America, but they have been use in the Middle East and Asia for many large scale projects. They make particularly good fire walls and partitions.

There are many different forms of MgO boards. The thickness of MgO boards range from ¼ inch to 1 inch and their sheet sizes work like those of drywall.

Uses of MgO Boards

In majority of its applications, MgO boards work similarly to Portland cement and gypsum sheathings. Although the thickness of the sheets, the fastening methods and the treatment of joints is different, they share many of the same properties.  

MgO boards are quite versatile; they can be used for the following:

· Ceilings

· Facings for structured panels

· Fascia

· Firewalls

· Partitions

· Shaft liners

· Soffits

· Structural sheathing for wood or metal stud walls

· Substrates for insulated systems and coating

· Tile backer board for shower stalls

MgO Board Vs Portland Cement Board – What’s better?

Compared to drywall, MgO boards are a lot sturdier. They’re more similar to Portland cement than they are to drywalls. Just like Portland cement, they can be scored and then snapped. They can be drilled through, secured and cut using a power saw just like any other board.

MgO boards absorb water but their performance remains unaffected, making them great for high-moisture areas including showers.

MgO boards happen to be more flexible than Portland boards; their sheets can actually be warped to create gentle curves; they also aren’t as brittle.

Magmatrix is a trusted supplier of non-combustible, moisture and fire-resistant, asbestos-free MgO boards that can be used as wall panels, partitions and sheathing boards.

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