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Wall Linings, Underlayment, and More: All You Can Do with a Magnesium Oxide Board

Magnesium Oxide boards have become immensely popular in the construction industry—and for good reason. They can be used for a number of applications, and have many qualitative properties that make them excellent for construction purposes.

Fire-resistant, long-lasting, and pliable to work with, they are also eco-friendlyhome buyers and have a small carbon footprint. For eco-conscious millennial homebuyers (and the majority of homebuyers these days are millennials), MgO boards are the perfect substitute for harmful and short-lived construction materials.

A Better Wallboard Alternative

Most people use MgO boards as a viable alternative for drywall. Also known as magnesia it’s especially useful in places where fire-resistant material is required. It is used as a covering for ceiling and gypsum drywall, and also as sheathing.


Since MgO boards are absorbent, they don’t degrade when exposed to water, and thus make for excellent underlayment options. Traditionally, felt, foam, rubber, and fiber were used as underlayment—to keep floors from getting wet. You usually need a thin layer, and MgO boards, being both thin and absorbent, make for viable substitutes.

MgO Panels in Home Exteriors

MgO boards can also be used for roofing and the exterior of your home. Lap siding and roof decking are common uses of MgO boards. Other places where you’ll find MgO boards include in the fascia and the soffits. Since MgO is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus, insects, and even fire, it makes for a great exterior sheathing option.

With MgO panels, you ensure the longevity of your home’s exterior. This is especially important because it’s exposed to bad weather, heat, rain and more—and can age faster than the inside.

As a result, you save money on repairs in the long-term, maintain a flattering exterior, and won’t have to worry about home improvement projects either.

What Else Can it be Used For?

MgO is popular because of its versatility. It isn’t just used as a drywall alternative. It’s also used for wall sheathing, coating substrates, tile backing, stucco, for area separation purposes, and even as shaft liner.

Where Can You Find High-Grade MgO Boards?

BeMagnesium Matrix Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd is a leading name in MgO board manufacturing and distribution. Our series of products includes a range of MgO boards, from flooring boards to prefabricated modular walls. It’s a full-scale MgO board product range that you can order online. You can also check out more of our products here.

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