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Unmatched MgO Board Performance

Although MgO boards have been around for a while, drywall has usually been to go-to construction option for most builders, as it’s fairly durable, but mostly because it’s easy to install.

However, over time people have realized that drywall has its fair share of disadvantages, the biggest one being its lack of water-resistant properties. As a result, more builders are now looking toward other options, including MgO boards.

MgO boards—construction material made by combining magnesium and oxygen—gained popularity earlier this century and are known to have the same properties as stone. This explains why most builders prefer them, but they also have a number of other performance benefits.

Extremely Water Resistant

Given that they practically have the same excellent properties as stone, they are highly water-resistant. This means no matter how much it rains, there is no sign of rot or warp. This results in the incredible structural stability of the building.

They are also known to resist salt damage and are a very popular option for construction in coastal areas. Moreover, because the boards are entirely inorganic, there is never any sign of mildew or mould, which means their fungal resistance is just as great.

Highly Fire-Resistant

MgO boards have a Class 1 (A) fire spread rating, which is the highest rating. This makes them a very useful material for residential and commercial constructions. They are completely non-combustible and will not contribute to the spread of accidental fires.

Moreover, they can actually help to contain the fire by releasing water vapour during fires.

Quite Easy to Install

Like drywall, MgO boards are fairly easy to install, making them an ideal replacement. Not only are they super light, but they have specific characteristics that make them very user-friendly for contractors. They can easily be installed without any lengthy, tiresome processes that are usually the drill with other materials.

They also have a beautiful finish, which is achieved far more easily and with fewer resources. But most importantly, they are safe for the workers as they contain do toxins like carcinogenic dust.

Pretty Versatile

If you’re a constructor, you realize that you’ll be working with several different materials, and it’s incredibly important for all of these to work well together. With MgO, the good news is that it works well with almost everything else.

From concrete to paint, tiles, fabric, stone and synthetic stucco, it will stick to anything. In fact, it can also be installed with structural insulated panels.

If you’d like to learn more about magnesium oxide boards, give us a call!

We’re leading magnesium oxide board suppliers in the industry and can answer all your construction-related queries.

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