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Top Applications for MgO Boards

While MgO boards are still fairly new in North America, they have been an essential component in construction in other parts of the world—mainly in Asia. In the Middle East and other parts of Asia, MgO boards have been used in several large-scale, word-class projects due the many benefits they offer.

MagMatrix prides itself on engineering high-performing, incredibly durable MgO boards. Our products undergo testing in China’s National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Building Materials and Products. Our clients can rest assured that all products they purchase from us will be of top quality.

Every MagMatrix product is environmentally-friendly, fire proof,  moisture-resistant, lightweight and soundproof. Our products are excellent for construction, building furniture and even décor.

MgO boards have an abundance of indoor and outdoor applications.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Fire-Protection Cladding

Steel structures need to be protected from the soaring temperatures caused by unexpected fires. MgO boards can be used to cover steel structures to protect them from fires.

Conventional techniques of fire-protection cladding involve using gypsum or plywood, both of which are susceptible to the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Cladding of Air-Conditioner Ducts

Air-conditioner ducts are exposed to moisture and therefore are prone to the buildup of fungi and bacteria. By covering them with column cladding made of MgO boards, you can protect them from the elements.

Soundproof Partitions

Buildings need soundproof partitions all the time. Soundproof partitions can be used in the workplace to separate office spaces, fitness studios, classrooms and other buildings that serve large amounts of people and are divided into smaller rooms that need privacy.

MgO boards make highly effective soundproof partitions.

Eco-friendly Housing

More and more construction companies are focusing on creating eco-friendly buildings that minimize waste and are better for the environment.

In the Netherlands, MgO sheets are often used in eco-friendly houses for the purposes of insulating sandwich panels. Both sides of prefab elements are secured with MgO boards as the exterior is packed with stone strips.

Roofing Underlayment

MgO boards can be used as roofing underlayment. Compared to traditional underlayment MgO boards are moisture-resistant, easy-to-use and provide insulation.


In areas of extreme temperatures, it’s becomes that much more important to protect your building from the elements. MgO boards are sturdy, durable and resistant to moisture and heat. They remain unaffected by harsh temperatures and moisture, making them great for construction.

If you need MgO Floor Board for any of the above applications, get in touch with Magmatrix. Our MgO boards can be used to build partitions, wall panels and sheathing boards.

Get in touch with us at 86-335-3327878 for more information.

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