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The Role of MagMatrix MgO Panels in Creating A Healthy Home

For people, having a home that ensures the safety and health of their family is at top of their list of priorities. That’s why a growing number of them are installing MgO panels in their homes to take advantage of the numerous benefits they offer.

In this blog post, learn about the benefits of incorporating MgO panels in the construction or renovation of your home.

Moisture Resistant

MgO boards are highly resistant to moisture which means this will not only protect the structural integrity of your home but will also ensure your home doesn't become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

This helps to protect your family’s health, particularly their respiratory system, from dangerous spores. These also lead to a dramatic improvement in the air quality inside your home. The boards also offer greater fungus resistance, which stops spores of bacteria from spreading.

Resistant to Fire

Fires can cause immense destruction and loss, so it's important you only use materials such as MgO boards that offer superior resistance. These boards can help homes withstand fires for as much as 3 hours. This will allow plenty of time for your family members to escape and call the authorities. Making the smart decision to get them installed will save you a lot of trouble.

Termite Proof

Magnesium Oxide boards and panels are termite proof which helps protect your investment in the long run. While stings from termites are rare, however, the possibility still exists. A bite from them can lead to tissue swelling, severe itching, and a lot of pain. Moreover, people who are prone to asthma attacks and allergies are at a greater risk.

Get a Reliable 2-hour Fire Rated Board

MgO sheathing boards from Mag Matrix Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd are non-toxic that offer several benefits for both families and builders. We produce high-quality sheathing boards, non-combustible subfloor panels, and floor panels in our state-of-the-art factory and have been supplying them for several years.

The non-toxic building material doesn’t have any carcinogenic dust and is very easy to install.

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