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The Makings Of An MgO Board

The Great Wall of China was one of the first structures built with a mixture of mortar and magnesia. By the 20th century, the use of magnesia in construction had declined. Builders resorted to cheaper materials like Portland cement to build homes.

Over the past 20 years, however, magnesia has once again been recognized as an important component in construction. It is used in the sustainably produced magnesium oxide boards. The use of such boards is encouraged for the added strength, sustainability, recyclability, and versatility they offer.

These boards can be used in place of gypsum panels and even drywall. Other than being environmentally friendly, these boards are also better from a health and safety perspective.

What is MgO Board?

Magnesium Oxide board is a factory developed board used in a number of construction projects. They can be used in the lining of walls, ceilings, soffits, underlayment, tile backing, and fascias. It is made of magnesium oxide and therefore boasts characteristics like fire resistance, strength, resistance to mold growth, and weather resistant.

MgO is available in many different thickness and sizes for a variety of applications. You can get MgO boards with a smooth finish, textured finish, and even utility grades. As for color, it comes in white, light grey, and beige.

What does an MgO board consist of?

Magnesium is a similar to aluminum, in that it’s used for its light weight and strength. Pure magnesium isn’t stable and is therefore used in fireworks. However, when oxygen is combined with magnesium, it’s the polar opposite and is used for fire-proofing purposes.

Other than magnesium and oxygen, magnesium cements, wood flour, and other additives are used to improve the strength and enhance other properties of these boards. MgO boards usually have some form of reinforcement at the center and even on its surface at times. These are in the form of glass mesh, fine screed, or even fibers. Certain additives also improve its weather resistance and flexibility.

How is an MgO board formed?

These boards are made as individual slabs that are then cut to length as they are poured. Initially this mixture is allowed to set horizontally, but the final curing is done vertically at a set temperature.

Magnesium Matrix Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd provides a whole range of fire-resistant boards. Our Magnesium Oxide Boards are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety. These MgO boards are also eco-friendly and contain high-grade composites. Get in touch to place your orders.

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