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Making Homes Mold-Resistant with MagMatrix MgO Boards

Mold infestations in homes can cause severe health problems for occupants, in addition to the hefty costs involved in rectifying construction issues. What’s worse, mold can drop your property’s market value even after proper treatment, making it a challenge to rent or sell.

Mold growth occurs when building materials grab moisture from surrounding areas, either due to a high humidity environment or due to leaks that moisten the wall cavities. As a result, buildings become water-damaged and owners end up having to pay the price.

There’s no such thing as a mold-proof home; mold exists in the air inside our homes and we can cohabit peacefully as long as the mold spores don’t cling onto moisture in the walls or ceiling and start spreading.

Fortunately, there are some building materials that are water and moisture resistant, and effectively discourage mold growth.

Building materials made from advanced MgSO4 chloride-free sulfate technology emerge as a sustainable and long-lasting solution for mold prevention as they provide mold and mildew resistance and can be installed at a much faster rate compared to traditional building materials.

How Mgo Boards Help Create Mold-Resistant Buildings

Since more and more buildings are being built with energy efficiency in mind, airflow in these buildings may be restricted. Since good circulation is essential for mold prevention, installing MgO boards is the perfect solution for ensuring high moisture resistance.

Magnesium Oxide Structural Insulated Panels, MgO SIPs, emerge as a quick, energy efficient, and mold resistant way of building. In fact, they are classified as "green building materials."

The reason they offer an advantage over traditional construction methods is that they do not use any heavy metals, organic solvents, or materials. MgO boards are exceptionally environmentally friendly, from the manufacturing to the construction process, and offer high resistance to moisture absorption.

As a result, MgO wallboards, drywalls, sub-floor boards, and SIP panels are ideal for humid and wet climates and for regions prone to hurricanes.

The Provide Exceptional Performance

The beauty of MgO SIP panels is that they offer superior insulation, structural strength and air-tightness over traditional construction methods. They can be used in both exteriors and interiors of commercial buildings and houses.

Designed to provide an extra level of protection, our specially curated construction materials can withstand temperatures between 800℃ to 1200℃ consistently for 240 minutes. Therefore, they offer best fire-rated performance and are characterized as A1 non-combustible.

As one of the leading Magnesium Oxide board suppliers, we offer fire-resistant boards, Magnesium Oxide wallboards, and non-combustible wallboards online.

Get in touch with one of our representatives today for more information on how you can ensure outstanding building performance with MgO boards.

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