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Magnesium Oxide Board: The Concrete Subfloor Panel of the Future

Do you notice mildew or termite infestation on your subfloor? This may be because your subfloor is drywall or wood. Magnesium Oxide subfloor panels are the solution! Due to magnesium and oxygen, these boards become fire and moisture-resistant. Thus, besides the added safety MgO Boards also protects your building from nuisances like mildew growth or termite infestation.

At MagMatrix Boards, we provide high-quality MgO Boards for sheathing and subflooring. We have teamed up with Chinese scientists and invested millions of dollars in new plants to ensure technologically advanced and innovative MgO Boards. Our products include Multi Support fire-rated sheathing panels, MgO SIP panels, structural subflooring, and much more. Let's find out more about the benefits of using Magnesium Oxide Boards.

Mag Boards Can Resist Different Types Of Weather

The United States is home to seven major climate regions, all with different temperatures and conditions ranging from rainy, windy, snowy, or foggy. The diverse weather conditions can be detrimental to the health of your building as they can weaken the foundations of the buildings by allowing rust to develop.

Magnesium Oxide Boards can benefit your buildings because they are moisture and water-resistant. Even when it rains or snows, MgO Boards do not allow your subfloors or ceilings to swell or warp. Plus, they also provide stability to bent structures.

Magnesium Oxide Boards Provide A Safe And Healthy Indoor Environment

MgO Boards are non-toxic. Hence they do not contain harmful toxins like formaldehyde, fly ash or crystalline silica. Moreover, they maintain indoor temperature and don't have off-gas. Thus, people with asthma or other breathing problems can enjoy a safe and chemical-free environment.

They Do Not Allow Termite Infestation

MgO Cement Boards are inorganic as they are made of magnesium oxide compound. This prevents termites from nesting. Since MgO Boards don't contain foodstuff, they don't allow carpenter ants or other wood-eating insects to make a home in your building.

Magnesium Boards Are Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other panels, Magnesium boards are free of toxic substances like asbestos, ammonia, or benzene. Thus, they are recyclable and landfill friendly. Hence, no toxins are released when water comes in contact with these boards.

Moreover, you'll be surprised to know that Mag Boards also provide nutrients when buried in the soil. Mag Boards trap carbon dioxide instead of releasing it into the environment as they consume less energy during manufacturing.

Get In Touch With MagMatrix For High-quality Magnesium Oxide Boards

MagMatrix doesn't compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction. We provide various Mag Boards to suit your construction requirements. Our multi-support MgO structural subflooring increases the strength and durability of your building.

These boards come in 1, 2, and 3-hour fire-rated categories to ensure maximum protection during fire hazards. They can be quickly installed for interior or exterior purposes. Contact us now to learn about our fire-rated subfloorand sheathing panels.

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