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MagMatrix Sulfate MgO Fire-Rated Drywall Board & Exterior Sheathing Board

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO Fire-Rated Drywall Board & Exterior Sheathing Board

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO Fire-Rated Drywall Board and Exterior Sheathing Board is a high quality, versatile, noncombustible drywall board and its reinforced model could be applied for the fire-rated sheathing for SFS, volumetric infill, SIPs, pre-insulated panels, and off-site modular systems. 

Intertek tested and proven for fire, structure and hydrothermal performance.  It comes China's most advanced Sulfate MgO Board formula with a chloride content of 0.038% and 0.018% tested by Intertek. It is a high-performance structural product for the construction and building industry. Ideal and proven for walling systems, partitions, flooring, cladding and for tiling on. 

A1 Non-combustible Drywall Board

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO Fire-Rated Drywall Board is an A1 non-combustible and Non-con-flammable, non-combustible to BS 476 Part 4; Impact resistant for an ability to withstand the abuse, including surface impact -50N/mm; Moisture and Water Resistant; Rodent Resistant and Mould Resistant; Breathability and Non-Hazardous to health. 

MagMatrix Panels are produced at room temperature using mineral raw materials and energy consumption throughout the manufacturing process. 

Each board manufactured is non-hazardous, contains no organic solvent, asbestos, oils, toxic components, heavy metals or salts that could cause contamination for result in environmental damage. 

Fire Rated Sheathing Board for Steel Frame and Timber Frame

MagMatrix Fireboard could be applied wonderfully as the fire-rated sheathing board for the steel frame and timber frame. It is moisture protection that will not deteriorate when subjected to water or moisture. And it is mold resistant that contains no cellulose thus is resilient to mold growth. 

It provides exceptional performance compared to wood, gypsum, and cement-based boards. 

It is extremely strong with great impact resistance. It is fire-rated and suits a number of finishes. And it is suitable for commercial, industrial, public and residential uses. 

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