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What Is MagMagtrix Magnesium BMSC Sulfate Boards?

MagMatrix MGO board is a versatile, eco-friendly Magnesium Sulfate Board. Basic Magnesium Sulfate Cementitious, the most successful breakthrough in the chlorine-free MgO board, has an inner crystal with 517 phases comprising a strong chemical bond, making it an ideal building material. MagMatrix board is durable, fire-resistant, structural, lightweight, sound-insulating, moisture-resistant, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and easy to handle and install. This amazingly versatile product is also very green (environmentally friendly – not the color green). It has no ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, silica, or asbestos and is entirely safe for humans. It's a natural product that can be completely recycled, leaving a tiny carbon footprint and having no negative impact on landfills.


High-Quality MagMatrix BMSC Magnesium Sulfate Boards

MagMatrix's new generation MgO board is the leader and game changer, a basic magnesium sulfate cement(BMSC) board. It is different from traditional magnesium chloride boards. The magnesium sulfate makes the MgSO4 panels incredibly water-resistant by preventing moisture from absorbing back to the halogen in the board and no corrosion of metal fasteners; it also has high impact strength. Importantly, our sheathing panel is fire-rated and structural at one panel; it is the only construction panel that provides all these features in one remarkable product. It offers cost savings, improved efficiency, and a more environmentally friendly solution.

What Are the Various Applications of the MagMatrix BMSC MgO Board?

MagMatrix magnesium sulfate boards are the most eco-friendly multi-purpose building panels for walls, ceilings, subflooring, roof decking, sheathing, and more. They consume less energy compared to similarly used materials to reduce the environmental footprint. MagMatrix boards can be used in many interior and exterior applications on wood frames, steel frames, and SIP assemblies, as well as modular and prefabricated construction. They are non-combustible, which helps protect homeowners, tenants, and building occupants while mitigating damage and loss.

We offer MagMagtrix MgO Panels in standard 4 ft × 8 ft, 4 ft × 9 ft,4 ft × 10 ft sheets and in multiple thicknesses from 6mm to 20mm for your every need. We offer a 15-year quality warranty for the market to guarantee the significant changes and upgraded technology of the MGO fire-rated sheathing industry. It is the ideal solution for your most demanding projects.

MgO Boards vs. Other Materials

Based on the previously mentioned benefits, magnesium oxide boards have several advantages over other construction materials.

a. Gypsum Although both gypsum and magnesium oxide boards are eco-friendly, the former poses more harm to people because its fly ash releases toxins when cut.

b. Portland cement Portland cement lacks water-resistant and fire-suppressing capabilities. Plus, MgO leaves a smaller carbon footprint compared to cement. And although Portland cement is recognizably strong, MgO has a higher rating on impact strength even though it is considerably lighter in weight.

c. Plywood MgO is undoubtedly safer than plywood as a construction material. One, plywood is not flame-resistant and could quickly spread fire. Two, plywood is not water-resistant, making it susceptible to moisture that could grow mold and vulnerable to water damage.

d. Oriented strand board (OSB) Regarding safety, MgO ranks higher than OSB. The latter releases formaldehyde, a dangerous toxin. Plus, it is neither fire-resistant nor is it resistant to moisture and termites.

Building Code Approval

We are in increasingly more professional third-party certifications applying Intertek CCRR, ICC-ESR in the building industry, and the Certifier in the passive fire protection fields and green certifications. MagMatrix BMSC MgO board owns the ASTM E136 noncombustible grade for the noncombustible grade constructions and one layer to replace 3-5 layers. There is no need for the fire-rated gypsum anymore. Our new 12mm MGO sheathing panel of 2 layers passed the ASTM E119 2-hour loadbearing fire resistance rating on 2"x6" steel studs at 100% design load, determined by the NDS.

MagMatrix BMSC new sulfate MgO board passes ASTM E84 with no flame spread or smoke-developed index. Tested according to ASTM E72, Our 12mm is a racking shear wall. Governed by a 0.200" drift limit, its allowable load is 458 plf on wood studs and 243 plf on steel studs. MagMatrix MgO board owns the ASTM C1185-08 for flexural strength; it can reach a flexural strength of 18Mpa in wet and 25Mpa in dry conditions.


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