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MagMatrix Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Cement Fire Board

MagMatrix MgSO4 Fire Cement Board Introduction As a new type of magnesium oxysulfate fireproof substrate board that is composed of Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Sulfate, water, and modifiers, in a four-part elemental mix based on our patented technological processes. The main difference between our Magmatrix sulfate MgO board and existing magnesium oxychloride fire protection board is that due to the differences in chemical composition, our boards fundamentally solves the issue of dampening and efflorescence associated with magnesium-based cement. Moreover, due to this different chemical composition, our boards will also not produce harmful gases to human under any condition. During the four-part elemental mix formulation process, lightweight aggregates such as wood chips are added as filler, while fiberglass cloth is used as the framework. The entire process is completed via an automatic production line. 

MagMatrix Magnesium Oxide Sulfate FireProof Cement Board

Product Feathers

MagMatrix Sulfate FireProof Cement Board has high temperature resistant, are flame retardant, sound absorbing, shockproof, insect proof, are a highly uniform & even material, that is also non-damp, non-efflorescent & non-corrosive (with chlorine ion content of less than 0.1%). They are also water resistant moisture resistant, lightweight, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, can be directly painted, tiled & veneered the surfaces have exceptional colour properties, high strength, they are flexible yet tough, are suitable to use with pneumatic nail gun, can be nailed, sawed, glued and is easy to decorate. 

MagMatrix Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Cement Fire Board

Product Application

MagMatrix Sufate FireProof Cement Board applications include wall panels, ceiling panels, fire protections boards, crates and many more. It also serve as a replacement for in window panels, plywood dado, door panels, funishing and other piece of interior or exterior decoration. Chemically suitable for both wet and dry paints and comes in a variety of board configurations, types, szies and thickness. Correspondingly, these materials could also be used in basements, civil construction, mines and other damp, humid & moisture engineering environments to get a very excellent fireproof applications. 

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