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MagMatrix Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Board R Value and U Value

MagMatrix Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Board R Value and U Value R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of the material. R-value tells us how well a particular construction material insulates. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation and the more energy you will save. An R-value only applies to specific materials, not to systems. U-value is more of an engineering term which describes the thermal performance. It has traditionally been applied to materials such as window systems which are made up of a number of different materials. R-value is usually used in reference to construction components that are made up of only one material. When determining the R-value of a wall cavity (the area between framing members), you can add the individual R-values such as the wall sheathing, the insulation, and the internal drywall to get the overall R-value.

MagMatrix Sulfate Magnesium Oxide Wallboard

 U-values represent the transfer of energy through conduction and radiation while R-value only represents resistance to heat transfer. There are two important differences between MGO panels and OSB SIP panels. IR-Value Both the MGO board skin and EPS foam core have very high thermal insulating values. In other words, the MgO panel skin is a very effective and fire-resistant insulating material on its own, and paired with EPS foam makes a very versatile and high R-Value insulated building panel product. If you relate this test information to that of a cold winter day, the cold temperature needs to penetrate the MgO skin prior to passing through the EPS foam core. Fire resistance MGO panel skin when applied directly with a 1100C torch flame for 45 minutes will not burn while limiting the heat transferred. One side of the panel will be 1100C while the opposite side will only reach a max of 134C over 45 minutes. We would not recommend a similar torch flame test with OSB for obvious reasons.

MagMatrix MgO Sulfate Board R Value

R-value is the measure of how resistant a material is to heat flow. If heat flows quickly through a material it has a very low resistance, and therefore a low R-Value; material that resists heat flow has a very high R-value.

MagMatrix Fire Resistant Wall Board

MagMatrix High End MgO Sulfate R Value is 0.065(m²·K)/w that is calls for Thermal Resistant and Tested by Intertek

MagMatrix MgO Sulfate Board U Value

MgO panels are finished with a paint grade smooth finish on both sides. Panels will require a high grade of primer or paint to coat the sheet. Lower paint grades will not provide a complete cover and small pin size holes will appear after a single coat of paint. Skim fillers or additional coatings of paint will cover any pin holes. MagMatrix MgO Sulfate U value is 0.186(W/m·K) with Intertek Test Report

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