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MagMatrix Fire-Rated Structural Panel Protects Your House from the Inside out

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

With the increase in natural disasters, including fire disasters, hurricanes, and other major storms, many homeowners and builders are turning toward weather-resistant building materials as they build or remodel. Weather-resistant building materials handle things like hail, wind, rain, and snow without the same loss of integrity as building materials that have not been made to resist these elements. Moreover, When building a home, one doesn’t necessarily think about ways to avoid respiratory disease. Studies have shown, however, that the very building materials used to build homes could significantly increase one's chances of getting the respiratory disease.

MagMatrix Fire-rated structural green MgO board protects your house from the inside out.

External Protection


MagMatrix MgO Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Panel -- Perseverance Model breakthrough in the non-combustible construction offering 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours of fire-rated walling and ceiling and subflooring assembles.

Weather Resistant

MagMatrix MgO fire-rated Structural panel uses 4 layers of high tensile fiberglass meshes, which gives the board model bending strength of more than 22Mpa and the impact strength of more than 38Mpa. This maintains a good racking strength on the board application. and these give the board excellent capacity for wind, snow, and hurricane resistance.

Internal Protection

No Harmful Chemical

MagMatrix Perseverance Fire Rated Building Board contains no nasty chemicals, no gypsum, no cement-based content, and no formaldehyde. 100% sustainable, 100% compostable, Co2 negative, vapor permeable. And does, not off-gas. It is ideal for chemically sensitive people. It has passed SVHCs testing successfully and has been approved to be a safe, green, and eco-friendly building material.

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