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MagMatrix BMSC 517 New Sulfate MgO Fire-Rated Structural Sheathing Panel

JP-Group MagMatrix--BMSC 517 New Sulfate Magnesium Fire Rated Structural Sheathing Panel Manufacturer

A greener and healthier alternative to plywood, fiber cement, plywood and gypsum-based building materials

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO fire-rated structural sheathing boards represent a significant technological advancement in building materials. With rigorous certifications and compliance with ASTM standards, these boards offer a superior alternative to traditional materials like OSB, cement board, plywood, and gypsum. They are developed on the basis of the traditional MOC and MOS.

MagMatrix MgO VS Magnesium oxychloride Board

MagMatrix MgO boards offer significant advantages over Magnesium Oxychloride (MOC) boards due to their innovative formulation and chloride-free composition. They are addressing the critical issues of halogenation, surface sweating, and metal corrosion. Their magnesium sulfate formulation ensures superior water resistance and eliminates the risk of chloride-induced corrosion. These chloride-free boards are highly versatile, making them confidently ideal for residential, commercial, agricultural, and special-purpose construction applications.

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO VS OSB

When it comes to safety, MgO ranks higher than OSB. The latter releases formaldehyde, a dangerous toxin. Plus, it is neither fire-resistant nor is it resistant to moisture and termites. MagMatrix Magnesium Sulfate board can replace OSB subflooring in certain instances, and can remove the need for gypsum underlayment. And Magnesium Sulfate boards don’t warp, swell, or deteriorate because they naturally resist moisture, mold, & pests. MagMatrix MgO boards can cover construction Type I-V, OSB panel can be used in Type III, IV,V.

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO VS Gypsum

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO fire-rated structural sheathing boards offer significant advantages over gypsum boards, particularly in terms of safety, durability, and performance. The glass-fiber reinforcement in MgO boards provides higher strength, impact resistance, and bending resistance, making them more reliable and versatile. With superior fire resistance, better fastener holding, and shear strength, MgO boards are an excellent choice for a variety of construction applications, ensuring long-term safety, sustainability, and structural integrity.

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO VS fiber cement board

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards surpass Portland cement and fiber cement boards in several key areas, including environmental impact, water and fire resistance, strength, and flexibility. Their composite multi-layer structure of glass mesh fiber enhances their impact resistance and flexibility, making them highly durable and reliable. MgO boards are lighter, more flexible, and offer superior performance in fire tests, making them an excellent choice for various construction applications.

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO VS Plywood

MagMatrix MgO boards are a versatile, eco-friendly, and high-performance building material. They offer numerous advantages over plywood, including superior fire resistance, moisture resistance, structural strength, and ease of installation. MgO boards contribute to safer, more durable, and sustainable construction, making them an excellent choice for various building applications.

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