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How to Fire Proof Your Home—Structure Matters The Most!

When it comes to dealing with fire hazards, prevention is always better than cure. Unfortunately, many people learn this the hard way. As you’ve come across this blog, you can take preemptive measures to protect your house from fire by fire-proofing your house structure.

Formulating a passive fire protection involves using fire-resistant materials in the construction of homes which limits the spread of smoke and fire. Furthermore, it prevents the house from getting collapsed in case of a fire incident, saving your home and lives of occupants.

Here’s a brief guide on how to fire-proof your home:

Fireproof Roofs

If you want to design a fire-proof home, you must first consider installing a fireproof roof. Roofs are most susceptible to fire. From chimney fires to lightning sparks, there are many situations that can lead to a fire situation.

Make sure that you use the highest-quality fire-resistant roof for your home to ensure that the occupants in your home remain safe and protected in case of a fire event.

Fire-Resistant Walls

Fire-resistant walls are also an essential element of homes that are designed to offer passive fire protection. While there are many materials for wall assemblies that offer fire protection, the best option is MgO walls which are made from Magnesium Oxide.

MgO walls are impervious to fire. Moreover, these sheathing walls also offer a range of benefits such as better durability, improved insulation, and more. In addition to that, MgO walls are recyclable, hence an eco-friendly solution.

Fireproof Doors and Windows

This goes without saying, but it’s crucial that the doors and windows of your home are also fire-resistant to provide complete protection from fire. Consider replacing the wooden doors with fire-resistant glass to protect occupants from the heat radiating due to a fire.

When buying glass doors, a general rule of thumb is to check the certification of doors and windows. UL certified doors and windows offer fire resistance and prevent the fire from spreading around the home, making them a perfect choice to pair with MgO walls.

Fireproof Vents

While MgO walls will provide great levels of protection from fire, flames can spread across the rooms through vents. Hence, it’s critical that you also pay attention to vent designs in order to offer maximum protection against fire.

Final words

In conclusion, it’s critical that you use MgO walls and floors to ensure that your home remains protected in case of a fire event.

At MagMatrix Boards, we provide high-quality MgO walls and fire-rated flooring boards that offer fire-resistance.

In addition to that, our products offer high-quality insulation levels and unparalleled structural durability, keeping your house safe and secured.

To find out more boards, give us a call at +86-335-3327878 or visit our website.

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