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How MgO Boards Can Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

According to research, building and purchasing buildings consume nearly 40% of the world's energy. Due to the damaging environmental effects of the construction materials used conventionally for centuries, many people are turning to green building practices to create their homes.

You need to be aware of carbon footprints. It is crucial that we work to lessen our carbon impact as we advance. Every industry should take note of this, but the construction industry in particular, where emissions are higher and some activities may contaminate the environment.

Drywall has been used to build walls and ceilings for many years. However, MgO boards have significantly displaced their use. These boards have gained popularity as a more environmentally friendly building material worldwide.

Production of MgO Boards

The Great Wall of China and the Roman Empire were the first structures constructed using MgO boards. They have since become the best option for both the interior and exterior of buildings. MgO boards are created by combining magnesium and oxygen chemically under high pressure and heat. MgO acquires stone-like properties by heating. Before it reaches its final form, it is ground into a powder and combined with cellulose, Epsom salts, chloride, water, and other ingredients.

Green and Sustainable

Magnesium oxide board is a highly favored substitute for readily accessible building boards and is a material that is completely environmentally friendly. The main factor in their eco-friendliness is that MgO boards don't include environmentally dangerous substances like benzene, ammonia, or asbestos.

MgO boards are also very energy-efficient, using only 25% to 50% of the energy needed to make Portland cement. Furthermore, these boards even trap carbon dioxide during the curing process. Carbon dioxide has considerably contributed to the current state of the environment's terrible condition and will likely continue to do so.

MgO boards are also referred to as nutritional trash because they don't contain any hazardous materials. They are commonly utilized as a soil nutrient and recyclable.

Insulation Properties

MgO boards are also good for insulation, which is also beneficial for the environment. Since you won’t need to maintain the temperature of the inside of your house so frequently, the use of heaters and air conditioners will go down. This will directly impact the environment as less gas and electricity would be used.

If you’re planning to buy Magnesium Oxide Boards of top quality, MagMatrix Boards is your best bet. We offer the best quality fire-resistant MgO Boards for all requirements. Our Magnesium Oxide boards are capable of being used as subfloor panels, wall panels, and structural sheathing. Reach out to us now for more details.

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