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How Fire Resistance Flooring Boards Provide Protection

Fires are unpredictable, destructive threats that can arise out of nowhere. A short circuit, a lit cigarette, a gas burner left on in a neighboring building, a bush fire in the summer—any of these factors could cause a major blaze.

However, MgO—or Magnesium Oxide—boards can minimize the damage caused by fires, even containing them at times so they don’t spread to other structures.

Fires: How Big of a Problem Are They?

It doesn’t take long before a fire gets out of control. It usually takes 30 seconds between a fire starting and spreading. Homes and office buildings have furniture and other flammable products inside, which help it spread further. It takes only about a minute for smoke to spread throughout all the rooms.

As for how much destruction fires cost, the stats speak for themselves. In the United States, for example, 3,645 people died in fires in 2017. The leading cause of fires in the U.S. is heating equipment—something present in everyone’s houses. Flames from the stove and the oven often balloon into bigger problems.

Fire-resistant flooring can ensure that your family isn’t in any immediate danger in the unlikely event of a fire. It might never happen—but it’s a legitimate enough concern to warrant safeguards.

The Benefits of Having Fire-Resistant Flooring

In the unsavory event of a fire breaking out in your building, fire-resistant flooring will help you in the following ways:

- By limiting the spread of the smoke and flames, both within your building and to other buildings in the area

- It will protect your family members and assets

- It will allow you leave and call the fire department in time

- It will limit the damage

Fire-resistant floors are also great for peace of mind, as you can rest easy knowing that the smallest of mishaps—like a lit cigarette butt—won’t cause your entire house to incur damage.

Our MgO boards are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety, are eco-friendly, and contain high-grade composites. MgO boards are highly versatile. In addition to being fire-resistant, they are also termite-resistant and leave a low carbon footprint.

Magnesium Matrix Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd provides a whole range of fire-resistant boards. Get in touch to place your orders.

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