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Fire Protection Board: The Unseen Hero of Building Safety

If a fire starts in a building, it should not spread. Recent research states that many lives are lost because of fire spreading. It’s vital to install a fire protection board during building construction as it stops the fire from increasing. This allows people to quickly evacuate the building or control the fire in case of fire accidents. Thus, many lives can be saved.

At MagMatrix boards, we provide various fire protection boards for building construction. Our products range from Multi Support Fire-rated Sheathing Panels to MgO SIP Panel and Structural Subflooring. We have teamed up with scientists in China to ensure increased innovation during the manufacturing process. Let’s look at how fire protection boards can benefit you during building construction.

How Fire Protection Boards Don’t Allow Fire To Spread

Fire protection boards are heat and fire-resistant. They have increased heat absorption and reduced heat conductivity. Hence, in case of a fire, they keep the temperature of the building intact. Thus, many buildings install fire protection boards when installing smoke and ventilation ducts. They are also used in the compartmentation and encasement of buildings.

The strong structure of fire protection boards allows the building to keep standing. Hence, people can quickly evacuate the building while the rescue teams intervene.

Fire Protection Boards Can Be Used During The Construction Of Multiple Types Of Buildings

Due to their superior designs and versatility, Fire Protection Boards are used for various construction purposes. Many contractors use fire protection boards to construct processing plants, restaurants, chemical plants, manufacturing buildings, etc.

Since they are thermal transmission and sound resistant – fire protection boards form an excellent material during the construction of buildings. Moreover, fire protection boards are made of magnesium oxide. This stops the fire from spreading without using chemicals.

Fire Protection Boards Provide Increased Protection At A Low Cost

Every year businesses lose millions of dollars in fire accidents. They install various protective measures, including fire extinguishers and alarms. However, it’s essential to take preventive measures during the construction process.

Fire protection boards are extremely easy and quick to install. They don’t require any elaborate tools or equipment. These boards cost quite less than the great amount of protection they provide.

Use Fire Protection Boards From MagMatrix To Secure Your Building From Fire Hazards

At MagMatrix, we provide various fire protection boards for your construction requirements. Our Fire-rated Sheathing Boards and MgO Panels provide maximum safety from accidents.

Moreover, we are associated with the Jinpeng Group in China to provide R&D for our products. We use the latest technology and superior materials to ensure high-quality results and maximum customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us now for more information about our fire-rate boards.

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