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Designing a Fireproof Holiday Home—Magnesium Oxide Board Can Help!

Are you commissioned to design a fireproof holiday home? If we look at the project from the lens of a builder, designing a fire-resistant home isn’t as easy as it seems. From unattended cooking sessions to short circuits, there are several causes of house fires, and mitigating the risk posed by each possible cause isn’t a practical option.

Here are some tips that can help you design an exceptional holiday home for your client.

Smart layout

Holiday homes are surrounded by lush bushes, trees, and landscaping.

These natural elements add to the aesthetics and curb appeal of the property, making the place feel more comfortable and restful.

If you haven’t designed a landscaping plan, it’s important that you maintain at least a hundred feet distance between the home and the landscaping.

This will keep the home protected in case of an external fire incident.

Spacious driveway

A spacious driveway improves curb appeal as well as the value of the property. It allows a homeowner to park their vehicle without any hassle.

It also helps firetrucks enter with their heavy equipment and take control of the situation in case of a fire incident.

There are many instances where firefighters are unable to get close to the site because of narrow spaces. You can avoid that by incorporating a spacious driveway in your plan.

Of course, your first priority should always be to prevent the fire, but it’s always important to have a contingency plan.

Get rid of vegetation

Beautiful greenery can lift the appearance of your holiday home, but aesthetics shouldn’t come at the expense of safety.

Dead or dry vegetation presents a significant fire hazard, especially during the dry season.

Flammable shrubbery and vegetation should be pruned regularly. You can hire a contractor to take care of this job.

Magnesium Oxide Board Can Help

The best way to protect a home from fire hazards is to develop a passive fire protection plan.

Magnesium Oxide boards are the perfect components for helping you design a fireproof holiday home that will impress your client.

These boards are used for sheathing, subflooring, as tile backers, and several applications to ensure a home remains fireproof.

MagMatrix Science & Technology (Group) Co., Ltd brings you top-quality magnesium boards and exterior wall sheathingsolutions with Superior Fire Resistant and Structural Performance to ensure your holiday home can withstand high temperature and remains protected from fire incidents. Shop today!Call 86-335-3327878 to speak with an agent.

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