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Constructing Timber Frame Homes with Non-Combustible Sheathing Boards: What You Need To Know

Even though there are different methods of home construction, ‘brick and block’ and ‘timber frame’  still remain two of the most prominent choices, with the latter gaining more traction in the past few years.

If you’re planning to construct a timber frame home, here’s what you need to know:

Timber frame housing

Before we learn about timber frame construction process, it’s important to understand how it differs from traditional brick and block construction.

Homes built using conventional brick and block building process are put together on site. After completing the foundation, the walls are built using layers of bricks and concrete blocks.

Homes constructed using the timber frame method, on the other hand, don’t necessarily ave to be built onsite. The frame can be manufactured in a factory and shipped to the property and simply bolted together with boards and beams.

Once the process is complete, the frame can be clad in the material of the preferred choice. Typically, a layer of brick is used around the frame; hence, it’s not possible to identify the timber frame.

Benefits of timber frame housing

The fact that timber frame houses can be built much quickly makes them a very lucrative option for property owners who want to expedite their construction process. And, there’s more to it.

Timber frame structures are durable and stronger. As there are no load-bearing walls, changes to the floor plan become much easier.

These structures also offer remarkable energy savings. Moreover, less amount of wood is required during the building process and timber waste can be recycled, which contributes to a lower carbon footprint and sustainable construction.

Constructing timber frame homes using non-combustible sheathing boards

You can maximize the benefits of constructing timber frame homes by using non-combustible sheathing boards. Fire-rated sheathing boards offer 2-hour load-bearing fire protection and can further strengthen the structural integrity of your home.

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In addition to that, they offer several other benefits like water and mold resistance, better sound insulation, the ability to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions, and much more.

MagMatrix is a leading provider of top-quality fire-rated sheathing boards. Our non-combustible sheathing boards can add exceptional structural strength to your timber frame home. Our boards also provide remarkable insulation levels and water-resistance. To get more details, give us a call at 86-335-3327878 today!

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