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Choosing the Right Subfloor: The Advantages of MgO Concrete Panels

Selecting the correct materials for each component is critical when building or remodeling a structure. One such crucial component is the subfloor, which provides the framework for all other flooring levels. Given its multiple advantages, magnesium oxide (MgO) panels have grown in popularity as an outstanding alternative for subfloors in recent years. MagMatrix Boards understands the advantages of using MgO panels for subfloors, so we provide excellent-quality panels for all construction projects.

This blog will explore the benefits of using MgO panels for subfloors and why they are a wise investment for your construction projects.

Superior Strength and Durability

MgO concrete panels are well-known for their incredible strength and longevity, making them an excellent choice for underfloor applications. These panels are made from a combination of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and other additives, resulting in a building material with a high load-bearing capability.

MgO panels offer more excellent structural stability than common flooring materials like plywood or particleboard. They do not deform, swell, or degrade when exposed to moisture or high loads. This innate strength guarantees that your subfloor is sturdy and damage-resistant, serving as a strong base for the additional flooring layers.

The exceptional durability of MgO concrete panels also implies that they can resist the rigors of construction and regular use. They are less prone to impact damage, which lowers the chance of subfloor cracks or breaks. This longevity translates into long-term cost savings and significantly reduces the requirement for regular repairs or replacements.

MgO panels also have a high degree of dimensional stability, which means that temperature or humidity fluctuations do not cause them to expand or contract dramatically. This property is particularly crucial in regions with fluctuating climatic conditions as it helps to preserve the subfloor's integrity and avoid problems like buckling or gaps between flooring components.

Fire Resistance

Fire safety is a top priority in every construction project. MgO concrete panels deliver more excellent fire resistance for underfloor applications. These panels' outstanding fire resistance results from the mixture of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and other additives.

MgO panels provide an impressive level of fire protection, in contrast to conventional wood-based subfloors, which are very prone to combustion. They are categorized as non-combustible materials since they do not promote the spread of flames. MgO panels serve as a barrier in the case of a fire, significantly lowering the possibility of fire spreading to other parts of the structure.

Additionally, MgO concrete panels have a poor heat transfer coefficient, indicating they are poor conductors of heat. This quality aids in keeping the fire contained to the impacted area and stops it from spreading to the subfloor.

In addition to their flame resistance, MgO panels offer other fire safety benefits. They do not emit toxic gases or hazardous fumes when exposed to high temperatures, minimizing the potential health risks for building occupants. Moreover, MgO panels have a low smoke generation rate, reducing smoke inhalation hazards and aiding visibility during evacuation efforts.

Enhanced Sound Insulation

Noise pollution can be a significant concern in residential, commercial, or multi-story buildings. Excessive noise can impact comfort, productivity, and general quality of life. Since MgO concrete panels have high sound insulation capabilities, they make an excellent alternative for subfloors where noise reduction is desired.

Moreover, MgO panels effectively minimize airborne and impact noise transfer between floors. They act as a barrier, preventing sound waves from passing through and disturbing the spaces above or below.

Furthermore, the sound insulation qualities of MgO panels can assist buildings in meeting or exceeding local construction requirements and noise management laws. Using MgO panels for subflooring, you display a dedication to providing inhabitants with a peaceful and conducive atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming more critical in today's building sector. MgO concrete panels offer notable eco-friendly advantages, making them a sustainable choice for subflooring.

The production method for MgO panels is one of its main environmental benefits. MgO panels are made utilizing eco-friendly processes, unlike conventional flooring materials. The most common ingredient to make these boards is magnesium oxide, obtained from abundant natural resources. This production method lessens deforestation's ecological impact and reduces energy consumption.

MgO concrete panels can also be recycled. These panels may be recovered and reused in various applications at the end of their life cycle, reducing waste output and contributing to a circular economy. By selecting MgO panels, you actively contribute to lowering landfill trash and promoting environmentally friendly building practices.

MgO panels are an excellent option for improving indoor air quality. They don't include dangerous components like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can impair indoor air quality. MgO panels encourage a better interior atmosphere, which is crucial for sensitive people or those who have respiratory disorders.

Additionally, MgO panels have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. Their durability and resistance to moisture, mold, and other forms of deterioration mean they can maintain their performance for an extended period. Therefore, using MgO panels as subfloors reduces the need for regular replacements, eventually reducing material usage and waste production.

Ease of Installation

In addition to the various performance benefits, MgO concrete panels are easy to install, reducing both time and labor costs throughout the building process.

Compared to conventional subflooring materials like plywood or concrete, MgO panels are lightweight. They are simpler to handle, carry, and maneuver throughout the installation procedure due to the less weight. Working with lighter materials results in less physical effort and more efficiency.

Whether it's a small-scale domestic remodel or a large-scale commercial building project, the simplicity of installation provided by MgO concrete panels delivers practical benefits for contractors, builders, and homeowners alike. The lightweight nature, flexibility, and pre-engineered features ease installation, resulting in efficient and cost-effective subflooring solutions.

MagMatrix Boards: MgO Board Manufactures

MagMatrix Boards provide the best quality magnesium oxide flooring and concrete subfloor panels. You can be assured that you will receive the highest quality product to maximize the life of your next project.

Get in touch today.

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