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Benefits of An MgO Board You Should Know

Magnesium oxide boards, or MgO boards, are becoming more popular. Traditional silica and plywood boards are being replaced by MgO boards among builders and contractors. This is owing to the numerous benefits that MgO boards offer. The following is a list of some of them you should know about.

Magnesium Oxide Boards are Resistant to Fire and Water

Unlike normal boards, MgO boards are non-flammable and fire-resistant. To ensure that these boards are completely fire-proof, they go through a series of tests and certifications.

Not only are MgO boards fire-resistant, but they are also water-resistant. These boards can withstand a long period of submersion in water. As a result, they will not absorb it, bulge, or bend.

MgO Boards are Eco-Friendly

MgO boards are free of hazardous substances like benzene, asbestos, and ammonia, making them easily recyclable and environmentally friendly. If broken down, it can provide nutrients to the soil instead of dangerous pollutants. Furthermore, the manufacturing of MgO boards consumes extremely little energy and has no negative environmental impact. MgO boards are also far less harmful to the environment than drywall.

No Insect Infestations or Mold Growth

Because MgO boards are anti-fungal, they combat fungi like mold and mildew, keeping your house and building clean and safe to live in. MgO boards endure substantially longer because bacteria cannot grow on them, causing rotting.

You've probably heard about termite infestations that are extremely difficult to eradicate in homes? This is not a possibility when using MgO boards because they include no components that termites or insects can eat. MgO boards are entirely made up of inorganic components.

MgO Boards are Beneficial to One's Health

As previously indicated, MgO panels are non-toxic. Molds and fungus will not be able to grow on them. These boards are helpful for people who suffer from asthma or other breathing problems. There's also no silica or formaldehyde in it. These two chemicals are typically allergenic to people.

Simple and Easy to Manufacture

Because these panels are exceptionally resistant to cold and heat, they may be built at any time of year and in any location. These MgO boards have been thoroughly tested and have proven to be capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

If you're working in the construction industry or looking for MgO boards for your home, MagMatrix Boards offers top-quality fire-resistant MgO Boards. Our Magnesium Oxide boards are capable of being used as subfloor panels, wall panels, and structural sheathing. Contact us now for further information.

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