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Are Structural Insulated Panels Really Worth It?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are the future of farming. Compared to traditional construction, SIP construction facilitates increased energy-efficiency, stronger structures, faster installations, and more cost-effective projects.

What are SIPs?

SIPs are high-quality engineering panels that are used in the residential and commercial construction of walls, floors, and ceilings.

Their composition resembles an Oreo; the core is made of insulating foam that’s sandwiched between two structural facings.

SIPs have extraordinary sturdiness and strength, making them a popular option among builders.

But don’t take our word for it; let’s look at the evidence:

SIPs are Sustainable in the Long-Term

Sustainability is at the core of why SIPs have emerged as the next frontier of framing materials. Their production process reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and improves the building’s energy-efficiency.

In fact, homes that are built with SIPs are often LEED Certified—a widely used ‘green building’ rating system. Buildings that are certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design are globally recognized as symbols of sustainability.

SIPs are also well-insulated and airtight, offering a greater level of insulation. This means that building managers can get away with installing smaller HVAC systems, leading to long-term savings in utility costs.

Additionally, SIPs are manufactured ahead of time to your home’s exact specifications—reducing construction waste dramatically.

So it goes without saying that SIPs are a win for the environment!

SIPs Save You Money

Building with SIPs gives you an excellent opportunity to save money—in tons of ways: energy savings, labor costs, material costs, job site waste.

SIPs allow you to cut labor costs because they’re easier and faster to build than traditional stick framing. The self-contained insulation and framing eliminate a number of steps in the construction and home building process. This allows contractors to put up roof sections and entire walls at a faster pace.

Moreover, these panels are assembled at a manufacturing facility, eliminating the time required to perform individual Jobsite operations like insulating, framing, and sheathing.

In a nutshell

Structural Insulated Panels are definitely worth the investment. They improve indoor air quality, decrease energy costs, and offer unparalleled environmental benefits.

MagMatrix is a leading provider of high-quality Magnesium Oxide SIP panels and fire-rated flooring boards. Apart from incredible durability and strength, MagMatrix Mag SIPs have better fire-ratings than traditional fiber cement panels and OSP.

Our SIPs are sturdy, light-weight and offer outstanding insulation levels, and exceptional structural strength. Contact us for more information.

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